Indian Cricket is in danger, says Sourav Ganguly in his letter to BCCI

He also expressed his disappointment over the coach selection procedure.

Sourav Ganguly
Sourav Ganguly. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has expressed his grave sense of worry about the BCCI and the handling of their issues. As of late, Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) has been erratic in taking decisions. The prominent issue is about its CEO Rahul Johri being accused of sexual harassment. However, BCCI’s stance on the matter with a difference of opinion in the Committee of Administration (COA) members has affected the Board’s image.

The acting secretary of the Indian board, Amitabh Choudhary accused the COA chairman Vinod Rai of taking a unilateral decision with regards to the sexual harassment case pressed on Rahul Johri in the wake of the #MeToo movement. He also stated that in the event of a difference of opinion between the two COA members, the matter should’ve been dealt with by the Supreme Court or the general body of the BCCI.


The COA chairman Vinod Rai has constituted an independent body in order to investigate the matter while the other member Diana Edulji wanted the BCCI CEO to be sacked immediately.

“We wake up looking at how our cricket is faring even now…But with a deep sense of worry, I beg to state that how the things have gone in the last couple of years, the authority of the Indian cricket to the world is on its way down. I don’t know how far it’s true but the recent reports have made the BCCI look very poorly. More so the way it has been handled,” his part of the letter read according to the Times of India.

“Indian cricket is in grave danger and urgent steps need to be taken in order to rectify the situation. Indian cricket with its massive following has been built over the years of hard work from superb administrators and greatest cricketers….I at the present moment, it’s in danger, I hope people are listening. In terms of rules, Ganguly also stated how cricketing rules have been changed to something no one has ever heard of and decisions made are turned around with utmost disrespect,” further added.

Disappointment on coach selection procedure

Sourav Ganguly also expressed his displeasure over how Ravi Shastri was appointed as the coach of the Indian team after India’s captain had a tiff with his predecessor Anil Kumble. Ganguly wrote in this aspect, “I write to all of you with the deep sense of fear as to where Indian cricket administration is going. Having played the game for so many years, where our lives were ruled by winning and losing, and the image of Indian cricket was of utmost paramount to us.”

After all of these, the former captain also expressed his confusion on who headed the BCCI and the difference of opinion has lead to the division of the committee among two people which earlier comprised of four members. “One of my friends who is involved in matters relating to the functioning of the board asked who should they go to. I had no answer. I had to ask who should I invite for an international game as I did not know what was going on in there.” the former Indian captain added.

~Written by Aayushmaan Vishwanathan

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