Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat slams people who trolled Mithali Raj for her dress

Mithali Raj was trolled for her dressing sense earlier this week.

Mithali Raj
Mithali Raj. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat has slammed the people who trolled Mithali Raj for her dress a few days ago on social media. The Indian skipper was targeted a few days ago for her dressing on social media website Twitter. Many celebrities have come out in support of Mithali after people trolled her for not following the so called Indian culture.

She had been targeted off late unnecessarily after a successful World Cup campaign where she led India to the historic final at Lord’s. Recently, she was trolled for sharing a picture with her teammates at an event in Bangalore. A random Twitter user shamelessly pointed out the sweat in her armpit and it was very much visible in the picture.


Moral policing

Earlier this week, the Indian skipper seemed extremely happy after completing a shoot and took to Twitter to let her followers know. She also posted a selfie with her friends and gave the caption as: #tb#PostShootSelfie #funtimes #girls takeover”. But few of the people with cheap mentality body shamed her in disgusting her.

Vinesh Phogat was furious about the incident and she came out in support of the athlete. She slammed on those people who tried to teach Mithali the proper Indian fashion. The wrestler wrote, “Why is it that only women are always questioned on what they wear. Why not men?? When will this change? #everydaysexism #MithaliRaj.”

On Friday, Women activists too extended their support for the 34-year-old cricketer. Mariya Alam Umar said, ““It is an insult to a woman and a player. What kind of a culture are these people presenting by posting such dirty comments? Nobody has the right to interfere in her personal life.”

Another activist Ruby Mukherjee backed Mithali and said that people are making a laughing stock of themselves by telling her what to wear. “Mithali can wear whatever she wants to. She is an adult and knows what to wear. If you are telling her what to wear, then you are making a laughing stock of yourselves,” she said in support of the Indian skipper.

Vinesh Phogat’s message: