IPL 2021: Overseas players to face salary cut for missing the UAE leg, reckons BCCI official

IPL 2021: Overseas players to face salary cut for missing the UAE leg, reckons BCCI official

The second session of IPL 2021 will take place in the UAE.

Pat Cummins
Pat Cummins. (Photo Source: IPL/BCCI)

The IPL 2021 India leg had to be stopped midway owing to the spread of COVID-19 cases across camps. Seeing the dreadful situation of the nation amid the second wave of the virus, the authorities decided to postpone it. In the recent light, it has been made clear that the remaining session is all set to take place in UAE in the September-October window.

However, there is one thing that is constantly bothering the authorities which is the absence of overseas players in the UAE leg. Many foreign stars won’t be able to make it to the second session of IPL owing to their tight national calendar. Pat Cummins and Ben Stokes are already set to miss the UAE session and many others are also moving out of contention.

In the same reference, one of the officials of BCCI made it clear that missing the second leg of IPL will cost dearly to overseas players. For example, Pat Cummins who was roped in for a record INR 15.5 crore would only be paid 7.75 crores (half amount) if he doesn’t join the remaining session of the T20 league. The official added that players will be handed over salary on a pro-rata basis if they don’t complete all the matches.

Players missing UAE leg to get salary on PRO RATA basis in IPL 2021

“Yes it is correct, in case they (foreign players) can’t make it to UAE for IPL, franchises will be within their right to cut their salaries and pay them only on a PRO-RATA basis,” said the BCCI official as quoted by Inside Sport.

The official cleared the fact that when a player is bought during an auction, the bid at which he is roped in becomes the salary of that player (excluding taxes). So, Cummins was supposed to get the whole 15.5 crores for IPL 2021 season. A part of his bid is also paid to Cricketer’s board, CA in the case of Cummins.

Players are paid in installments over the period of 12 months and get paid fully if they miss out on games due to injury. However, a pro-rata basis is followed only when a player makes him unavailable for the season.