Irfan Pathan’s message for his fans after the IPL 2017 Auction

Irfan Pathan’s message for his fans after the IPL 2017 Auction

Irfan Pathan Baroda
Irfan Pathan.

Quite a few players over the years have proved what determination can do leading their comebacks on the back of sheer will and hunger to represent the national team again. We recently saw that in Ashish Nehra finding his way back in the Indian team at 36 and also Yuvraj Singh who roared in the home series against England. Allrounder Irfan Pathan who wasn’t signed in the IPL 2017 Auction is also one among the comeback men as well.

His career was marred by injuries and the only reason he didn’t play the number of matches someone as talented would ideally play at the international level is because he picked injuries at wrong times. A lot of his fans were irked when Irfan didn’t find buyers despite a modest base price of 50 lakh. He received numerous calls from journalists asking for his response but he didn’t want to give them fodder for TRP.

He is one of those cricketers who is well backed on social media platforms by his fans so he chose to send out his message to those concerned via this medium. Irfan posted a touching story and assured his fans to keep faith and that he might seem to be down at this moment but he is definitely not out.

Irfan wrote- “In 2010, I had undergone 5 fractures in my back. The Physio said to me that I might not be able play cricket ever again & should rather give up on my dream. At that time I told him, I can bare any pain but can’t bare the pain of not playing this beautiful game for my country.”

“I worked hard & not only played cricket again but made a come back to the Indian team. I have faced many obstacles in my career & life but never gave up, that’s the character I have & will posses that forever. Right now I have this obstacle in front of me but I will get thru it with all the prayers & wishes coming to me. Just wanted to share this with all my fans who are still supporting me.” The allrounder who was a part of the World T20 champion team in 2007 and the Champions Trophy winning team in 2013 said.

To all my fans ?

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