'It is unheard of' - Zaheer Khan disappointed to see water go through covers onto the pitch

‘It is unheard of’ – Zaheer Khan disappointed to see water go through covers onto the pitch

The 1st T20I got abandoned due to poor condition of the pitch.

Zaheer Khan
Zaheer Khan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Team India was scheduled to play the series opener of the three-match T20I series against Sri Lanka on 5th of January. The fans were quite excited about the game that was to be played at Barsapara Cricket Stadium in Guwahati. But, the game got abandoned due to damp patches on the pitch that were left after a small shower. It was looked down as the mistake of the authorities, who were short of preparations for an international game. Now, Zaheer Khan has opened up saying some strong words over the same.

India and Sri Lanka were fully geared up for the series opener before the game was called off. Earlier, the rain intervened in the match due to which the game got delayed. Soon the showers stopped and the fans looked fully cheered up and were eagerly waiting for the commencement of the match. But, as the covers were removed from the pitch, the players and authorities were quite surprised to watch damp patches on the wicket that came due to the water seeped through the covers on to the wicket.

Zaheer Khan opines on Guwahati pitch

Zaheer Khan, the former Indian pacer said that if there is water on the wicket then it certainly changes the condition of the pitches. Everyone was surprised to watch that the rain had already stopped but the match couldn’t get a nod due to the water on the wicket that went through the covers. It was disappointing but there is still no update over the same that, who was responsible for the error.

“When there is water on the wicket that really changes the dynamics of the game. Everyone was shocked because the rain stopped and in today’s day and age this is the last thing on your mind that water has gone on the wicket through the covers. Bit disappointing but we don’t know the exact story. Maybe the pitch wasn’t covered properly because to hear a cover not being taken properly is something which is unheard of,” Zaheer Khan said as quoted by Cricbuzz.

Aakash Chopra also echoed in the same voice in a show on Star sports and said that the outfield looked quite dry and it was a schoolboy error that water has seeped into the pitch. As per him, such preparations were not acceptable for an international match, “The outfield is bone-dry so I’d say it’s a schoolboy error that the water has seeped onto the pitch. Perhaps there are a few holes in the covers. It’s really disappointing preparation for an international game,” Akash Chopra said.

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