'It was physio's mistake' - Mashrafe Mortaza recalls being left out of 2011 World Cup squad

‘It was physio’s mistake’ – Mashrafe Mortaza recalls being left out of 2011 World Cup squad

Mortaza had broken down in front of journalist after his chance to play the World Cup at home was blown away.

Mashrafe Mortaza
Mashrafe Mortaza. (Photo Source: SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Mashrafe Mortaza’s international career has come to a halt a lot of times due to his injuries. But he has comeback strongly every time and has led his country in two World Cups as well. But he couldn’t play for Bangladesh in a World Cup at home in 2011 when the mega event was co-hosted by the major Asian countries bar Pakistan. Recalling the missed chance nine years ago, Mortaza has blamed the then team physio for the same.

He was battling injuries ahead of the World Cup squad selection and the chances of him playing were dependent on the doctor’s report. And when the report came, the doctor had stated that Mortaza can play at his own risk. But Bangladesh’s physio then, Michael Henry, didn’t read the whole mail and told the selectors that he can’t play after reading only the mere headline.

Mortaza also stated that the physio apologised to him later as well after realising his mistake. But the squad was already announced by then and his chance of playing in home World Cup was blown away. “I had a conversation with Akram Bhai, when David Young sent the report to our physio Michael Henry, he didn’t see the whole mail. He just saw the headline and submitted it to the selectors.

“When I called the doctor and asked him, if he said that I will not be able to play, then he told me if I want then I can play on my own risk. He told me no, I’ve sent the whole report. Then I asked Henry and he said me check for yourself. Then I checked his mobile that he didn’t go for further option. Then he said sorry to me,” Mashrafe Mortaza said during the live Facebook conversation with his teammates on Saturday.

Will Mashrafe Mortaza play again?

Mashrafe Mortaza’s career is in jeopardy after Bangladesh’s bowling coach Ottis Gibson recently commented that the head coach is building the team for the future. He clearly mentioned that the legendary player should retire now as he is definitely not in the plans for the World Cup 2023. It will be interesting to see if Mortaza continues to play post the pandemic.