Jacques Kallis wants Virat Kohli to tone down his aggression

Jacques Kallis wants Virat Kohli to tone down his aggression

The former South Africa all-rounder has lambasted the aggression shown by the Indian skipper.

Jacques Kallis
Jacques Kallis. (Photo by MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Virat Kohli is renowned for employing an aggressive approach, both on and off the field. While he prefers to dictate terms to the oppositions with the willow, he also doesn’t mind exchanging altercations with his rival cricketers. While some have praised Kohli’s approach towards the game, few of them have termed his methods as brash and outlandish.

Jacques Kallis, the former South African cricketer, has been a calm and collected approach. The attribute has subsequently attribute earned him success and most importantly, respect from the cricketing fraternity. The all-rounder highlighted the importance of controlled aggression and urged the Indian skipper to tone his aggression for the betterment of Indian cricket.

Kallis’ advise to Virat

“As a leader sometimes you cannot always be as aggressive as he is, that is an area he will work on, he is still young in his captaincy. I am sure he will chill out a little more as he gets a little bit older. But he is obviously very passionate and that is nice to see,” the all-rounder was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times in an exclusive interview.

Success can at times be infectious as it may allow complacency to sneak in. Hence, even after achieving targets, one shouldn’t stop grinding themselves as it prepares us for sterner challenges ahead in our career. Jacques Kallis, during his interview, also emphasized the room of improvement for the Indian team going ahead into the future.

“One area India probably try and want to improve their record on is there away record especially on wickets that carry a little more than they are used to. But it seems they are making their strides and getting better at it. I am sure they would have learned a lot playing in South Africa,” Kallis added

Kohli has successfully led India to a series-triumph in the ODI series against South Africa. Having won four out of five matches, the Indian skipper would be hoping for his team to turn over the Proteas at Port Elizabeth and end the series on an auspicious note.