Jimmy Neesham points out an absurd fault by the hawk-eye displayed during Aaron Finch’s LBW decision

Finch was dismissed on 93 by Kuldeep Yadav after a tremendous knock.

Hawk-eye. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The hawk-eye technology is used in cricket to record the trajectory of the ball and comes to use in case of a DRS or for TV replays. It is to track the movement of the ball towards the stumps and present a moving picture of the same. During the third ODI between India and Australia, in Ranchi, Australian captain Aaron Finch was given out LBW. He asked for a DRS referral and the striking thing was the hawk-eye displayed an inaccurate recording of how the ball pitched.

India’s goto chinaman, Kuldeep Yadav ambushed Finch in front with the delivery that straightened after pitching and it got the Australian skipper out for 93. However, the Aussie went upstairs to review it. The ball tracking indicated all three reds as Australia lost their first wicket, at 193 in 31.5 overs, as well as one review. His appeal was dismissed as the third umpire validated the field umpire’s decision and Finch had to walk.


It was a length ball by Kuldeep which straightened after pitching and the Australian skipper was hit right in front of the stump. Finch was on the back foot and he missed the flick shot. But what’s noteworthy is the replay of the dismissal which ball pitching on the leg stump and then travelling towards to hit the middle stump. However, with closer scrutiny, we can find out the bizarre inaccuracy of the fairly reliable hawk-eye.

Hawk-eye records inaccurate pitching

Looking at the dismissal it can be discerned that the delivery bowled by Kuldeep had actually pitched on the middle stump. However, the hawk-eye recorded the pitching of the ball on the leg stump. Finch would’ve been declared out in both scenarios since in either case, the ball would’ve travelled to hit the stumps for an LBW.

Following that, New Zealand all-rounder James Neesham wrote on Twitter: “Finch LBW. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that ball tracking had it pitching in a totally different place to reality? I saw it pitching middle, maybe even middle and off. Ball tracking had it pitching on leg. Still out but pretty weird.”

Here’s the video of Aaron Finch’s dismissal and the hawk-eye blunder:

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