K Gowtham, Mayank Agarwal and Amit Verma bag top riches at KPL 2017 auctions

K Gowtham, Mayank Agarwal and Amit Verma bag top riches at KPL 2017 auctions

In the auctions, 215 players went under the hammer.

Krishnappa Gowtham
Krishnappa Gowtham. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Karnataka Premier League (KPL) is all set for its sixth edition. The KPL 2017 auctions took place on Sunday (August 6) recently at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru. Veteran broadcaster and cricket commentator Charu Sharma played the role of the auctioneer at the event. The owners and the team managements of the teams were present at the event.

The seven participating teams of KPL 2017 are – Belagavi Panthers, Bijapur Bulls, Bellary Tuskers, Hubli Tigers, Mysuru warriors, Namma Shivamogga, and Kalyani Blasters Bengaluru. In the auctions, 215 players went under the hammer.

These players were categorized in two pools. Pool A had 35 marquee players and the other pool had the remaining cricketers. The minimum bid amount for the players of Pool A was set at INR 50000 and the minimum bid amount for the players in Pool B was set at INR 20000. Each of the seven franchises were allowed to have not more than 5 players from the Pool A marquee cricketers.

At the auction, K Gowtham of the Mumbai Indians fame bagged the top honors along with Amit Verma. Gowtham was bought for INR 7.2 lakh by the Belagavi Panthers. Earlier this year, he was bought for a whopping INR 2 crore by the Mumbai Indians in the IPL. However, he did not get a game for the MI camp. Amit Verma was also bought for INR 7.2 lakh by the Bellary Tuskers.

Hard hitting opening batsman, Mayank Agarwal, was sold for INR 7 lakh to the Bengaluru franchise. Among the international attractions, KL Rahul, the Indian opener, was bought for INR 50,000 by the Bellary Tuskers. Mysore Warriors bagged the services of Karun Nair for INR 4 Lakh. Manish Pandey went to the Belagavi Panthers for INR 1.6 lakh and Stuart Binny was also bagged by the same franchise for INR 1.1 lakh.

Here is the complete list of top attractions at the KPL 2017 auctions:

KL Rahul – Bellary Tuskers – INR 50,000

Pawan KB – Bellary Tuskers – INR 3 lakh

Anirudha Joshi – Namma Shivamogga – INR 5.8 Lakh

Amit Verma – Bellary Tuskers – INR 7.2 lakh

K Gowtham – Belagavi Panthers – INR 7.2 lakh

Mayank Agarwal – Bangalore Blasters – INR 7 lakh

R. Sarath – Bangalore Blasters – INR 5.9 lakh

Anirudh Joshi – Belagavi Panthers – INR 5.8 lakh

Sunil Raju – Mysore Warriors – INR 5 lakh

Mohammed Taha – Bijapur Bulls- INR 5 lakh

Karun Nair – Mysore Warriors – INR 4 lakh

Vinay Kumar – Hubli Tigers – INR 3.6 lakhs

Shreyas Gopal – Mysore Warriors – INR 3.4 lakh

Pala Praveen Dubey – Hubli Tigers – INR 3.1 lakh

Prasidh Krishna – Bangalore Blasters – INR 3 lakh

Mir Abbas Kurien – Belagavi Panthers – INR 2.6 lakh

J Suchith – Mysore Warriors – INR 2.5 lakh

K.C Karyappa – Bijapur Bulls – INR 2.5 lakh

Mitrakant Singh Yadav – Bangalore Blasters – INR 2.5 lakh

Abrar Kazi – Namma Shivamogga – INR 2.5 lakh

Pala Akhil Balachandra – Namma Shivamogga – INR 2.4 lakh

Abhishek Reddy – Hubli Tigers – INR 2 lakh

Manish Pandey – Belagavi Panthers – INR 1.6 lakh

S Aravind – Belagavi Panthers – INR 1.5 lakh

Shishir Bhavne – – Bangalore Blasters – INR 1.5 lakh

Ronit More – Bijapur Bulls – INR 1.30 lakh

Stuart Binny – Belagavi Panthers – INR 1.10 lakh

Abhimanyu Mithun – Bijapur Bulls – INR 1 lakh