Karan Johar applauds Anushka Sharma for her heroics

Karan Johar applauds Anushka Sharma for her heroics

Anushka Sharma isn’t someone who prefers to mince her words.

Karan Johar
Karan Johar. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The World Environment Day was celebrated on June 5 across the globe. A number of cricketers took to social media platforms to make people aware, surrounding the non-usage of plastic as it is a non-bio-degradable component. In India, the Prime Minister had launched the Clean India mission and a lot of various organisations have been striving to make it work. However, despite the reiterations, people don’t seem to pull their socks up and contribute to the well-being of the society.

PM, Narendra Modi, launched a campaign named Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to make all the citizens understand the significance of keeping the surrounding clean and that is also a necessity for living a healthy life. It doesn’t seem to have an impact on the psyche of people as the public is still dumping undesired objects on the roads and littering around at will.

Virat’s spouse stands tall to wrongdoing

Anushka Sharma isn’t someone who prefers to mince her words, pretty much like Virat Kohli, who doesn’t hold himself back. Yesterday, a person travelling in a car, threw plastic garbage on the road. The wrongdoing was immediately spotted by Anushka and she decided not to stay mum about it. She told him that he should dispose it off in the dustbin.

Her words were stern and the perpetrator looked in utter shock. The Bollywood diva bashed him left, right and centre for the shambolic act. Husband Virat has been a pillar of support for the actress and even this time, he supported his better-half and posted the video on his Twitter handle. Since then, Anushka has received a lot of praises for the way she stood up against the act.

From the cricketing, Bollywood fraternity and the general fans, she has been showered with accolades. In the latest list of appreciators, Karan Johar, the Indian film director, producer and screenwriter, has also been added. He was enthralled by the way Anushka taught the guy.

He took to Twitter and wrote- “This is the order of the day!! Well done @AnushkaSharma !!”

Here is Karan Johar’s post

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