Kedar Jadhav gives a sneak peek into his residence; reveals the gift he got from Salman Khan

Jadhav also showed a sketch gifted to him by an ardent supporter.

Kedar Jadhav
Kedar Jadhav’s house. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Kedar Jadhav hasn’t been an overly massive name in Indian cricket. But when it comes to utility, he can be trusted upon, especially in crisis. Jadhav belongs to Pune and represents Maharashtra in the Indian domestic circuit. Recently, he gave a sneak peak into his residence in Kothrud, a western Pune suburb and it’s located in a four-storied area. Jadhav started with his favourite spot in the house.

He is fond of greenery and he finds peace in spending time in the bliss of nature. Then he moved to the place where he chills out with his friends and family. It was a cosy sofa with a screen in front where they watch matches and movies. Then in the same room, Jadhav showed a sketch gifted to him by an ardent supporter. Jadhav calls it to be his favourite and something, close to his heart.


Jadhav also has a framed-picture where he was seen playing the Nataraja pull-shot during a match in Pune. The batter then moved to a place from where he gets a good view of the city. Sitting there, he prefers to sip on a cup of coffee and read through the newspaper. From one of his favourite spots, Jadhav went to his memorabilia shelf where existed a number of bats and also a lot of helmets.

Jadhav has a gym equipment gifted by Salman Khan

He also showed his Man of the Match awards for India and in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and also for the BCCI. He referred to them as a prestigious part of his life. Thereafter, Jadhav gave an insight into the place which he has developed for his daughter. He developed a tree house for her. Jadhav said that after returning from the hassles of school, his loved-one enjoys her heart out.

Jadhav also showed a gym equipment gifted to him by his favourite Salman Khan, the renowned Bollywood actor. Quite often, the cricketer has lauded Bollywood’s Bhaijaan on the social media platforms. Jadhav then displayed his living area with yellow walls and matching sofa.

He stays there most of the times when he is at home. Moreover, Jadhav showed the position in which he likes to relax himself in his living room. Jadhav stated that his daughter is also very fond of the i-pad. Jadhav hoped that his fans loved his residence and also thanked all in the end.

Here is the link of Jadhav’s sneak-peak into his home