Kevin Pietersen's luxurious lodge in South Africa charges a staggering Rs 88,000 per night for visitors

Kevin Pietersen’s luxurious lodge in South Africa charges a staggering Rs 88,000 per night for visitors

To keep the experience discrete, the Umganu Lodge only has four lodges which accommodate only 12 people at a time.

Kevin Pietersen's resort
Kevin Pietersen’s resort. (Photo Source: Instagram & Getty Images)

After bidding adieu to their cricketing career, many cricketers have plied their trade into different industries. While some have braced the commentary box, some have paved their way to becoming analysts or experts. Meanwhile, a few of them have also ventured into the hospitality industry.

Former England international Kevin Pietersen, after parting ways with cricket, is known for his extensive work towards ‘Save the Rhino’ initiative. Pietersen has been a conversationalist for many years now and in the second innings of his career, he has ventured into the hospitality sector by opening his luxurious hotel. Pietersen has set up a grand getaway on the banks of the Sabie River called the Umganu Lodge.

Equipped with many luxurious amenities including a golf course, the Umganu Lodge is one-of-a-kind due to its location. Constructed in the middle of Kruger Park, the hotel allows people to experience the wildlife. People can actually see wild animals including rhinos and elephants meeting at the river.

To keep the experience discrete, the Umganu Lodge only has four lodges which accommodate only 12 people at a time. Along with the amenities offered, what’s more staggering is the cost of the stay. The hotel in South Africa charges around Rs 88,000 (915 pounds) per night for visitors.

Kevin Pietersen recently shared many pictures of the lodge

Along with the presence of a swimming pool and gymnasium, the hotel is equipped with viewing decks in each room where one can easily witness nature and wild animals. An aesthetically-pleasing lounge area with tall ceilings is also a highlight of the place. To top to off, the floors comprise immaculately-polished cement foundation and the rooms consist of private bathrooms.

The rooms are with all the usual mod-cons, air-conditioning, satellite TV, WiFi as well as a fully-stocked bar. One peculiar thing which the hotel provides are telescopes through which one can gaze at the stars. The visitors can also zip-line through Kruger National Park during their stay.

Recently, Pietersen also shared many images of the Umganu Lodge and said that he’s currently missing it amid the quarantine. He also rued over the current COVID-19 situation in the UK as it has witnessed over 40,000 deaths so far. Citing the example of Australia and New Zealand, Pietersen said that the UK should’ve dealt with the pandemic in a more proficient way.

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Missing our home in SA a lot – @umganulodge! These quarantine rules & travel restrictions starting to actually really PISS ME OFF! NZ back to normal! Australia heading that way, but here in the UK(an island), it’s still a shocker!!!!! As positive as I want to be about the light at the end of the tunnel, I’ve got a feeling that this government is going to come under extreme pressure when they’re held to account. How on mothers earth could so many people have died in the UK??? South Korea stopped it! South Africa done a good job in locking down! NZ sorted it! Australia almost back to normal! Germany sorted it! Lots of other places too…! I want to, just as much as other want to get back to work! I want our kids to go back to normal. There’s going to be some very tough questions for the UK government for sure! It’s been an absolute shambles & I’m voicing a bit of negativity, cos I cannot be positive about this utter shambles anymore. It’s been made clear to me over the last week when watch NZ/Aus, that we should be almost back to a normal life, if we’d dealt with this properly! But, we’re not. Lost lives, lost jobs, kids suffering without friends!!! Complete & utter shocker! 🤬🤬🤬

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