KKR skipper Dinesh Karthik reads and reacts to mean tweets from fans

DK read some of the meanest and harshest comments by fans on social media and reacted to it.

Dinesh Karthik KKR Karthik. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Being a cricketer is difficult in India. On the day you score runs and win matches, the fans will worship you like demigods. But on the days you fail to meet the expectations, thousands of hate comments and mean tweets are showered your way mercilessly. No matter who the cricketer is, how experienced, with how many feathers on his cap, he will be subject to the same treatment.

It probably happens the most during the Indian Premier League (IPL) season. The fans of different franchises get far more competitive with each other than the actual game, and Twitter is among the best platform on social media to throw stones at the players from your team or the opposition who haven’t performed at par with the expectations.


Recently, KKR captain Dinesh Karthik faced the same problem, for no particular reason. Fans and followers were extremely harsh with their posts targetted at him on Twitter. Some said he will never be able to replace Gautam Gambhir as a captain as he has replaced Gambhir as the skipper of the KKR team this season, while some others were comparing him to MS Dhoni.

Here are some of the tweets:

But Karthik, lovingly called DK by teammates and fans, decided not to give it a funny twist. Instead of lashing out at the mean tweeples or showing any kind of retaliation in the comments, he went on a completely different path. IPL Twitter handle uploaded a video, where DK reads out a bunch of mean tweets one by one and reacts.

The hilarity with which he gives calm reactions and makes funny expressions, not only takes away the brunt of those tweets but gives a fitting reply to the people who were tough on him.

Here is the video where Karthik is reading and reacting to mean comments:

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