KRK tweets about India's loss to Pakistan and gets trolled in return

KRK tweets about India’s loss to Pakistan and gets trolled in return

India had a bad day at the office but that cost them the Champions Trophy.

India's Ravichandran Ashwin
India’s Ravichandran Ashwin bowls during the ICC Champions Trophy final cricket match between India and Pakistan at The Oval in London on June 18, 2017. (Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)

India’s loss to Pakistan came as a shock to the entire cricketing fraternity. They were expected to win being the stronger side with experience on their side. Not many believed Pakistan would get past the group stages but they did and went all the way to win the tournament. They might have even surprised themselves with the kind of show they put up.

India had a bad day at the office and that cost them the Champions Trophy. It was hard for the fans to deal with the loss as they are so used to their team winning. This loss was even hard to take as they were outplayed by their arch-rivals Pakistan and that too in the finals. It is a news feeling for the fans from both the sections.

However, the Indian captain looked calm and proud post-match as he talked about his team’s performances throughout the tournament and how they have outplayed almost every opposition. But on the day that mattered the most India flunked and flunked real bad. Some of the players were not up for it and had a nightmare of a game.

The Drama – starring KRK

There was a huge backlash as some of the Indian fans broke out on Twitter but there was this one man who is known for his controversial tweets who went absolutely berserk. Kamal R Khan is known for his overly critical tweets and is always hated by the fans for it. He gets a lot of hate but that doesn’t keep him from posting such hateful tweets.

After the loss, he posted some controversial tweets saying that MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh should retire immediately as they have sold their country and stuff. The fans on Twitter erupted after reading such comments. They were not only Indian fans but fans from Pakistan also who trolled him as they reminded him how much the trio has done for the country.

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