'Let's fight together against COVID-19' - Former and current cricketers urge fans after PM Narendra Modi locks India down for 21 days

‘Let’s fight together against COVID-19’ – Former and current cricketers urge fans after PM Narendra Modi locks India down for 21 days

Cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Irfan Pathan comes out in support of Indian Prime Minister.

Virat Kohli & Narendra Modi
Virat Kohli and PM Narendra Modi (Photo Source: Twitter)

It’s been more than a month and the situation due to Coronavirus outbreak has gone from bad to worse. The daily lives of human beings have come to a standstill and nothing can be done over the same. On Tuesday evening, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi addressed the country over the current condition and announced a complete lockdown for next 21 days. Later on, the cricketing fraternity came out and backed him for the same.

COVID-19 pandemic has taken several lives across the globe and the governments have taken some strong steps in order to combat the adverse effects of the killer virus until the doctors develop any sought of vaccination. On Tuesday, all the eyes were set on Narendra Modi, who was going to address the country for the second time in the last week.

Narendra Modi addresses India for the 2nd time in a week

Earlier, he had asked the citizens to take all the necessary precautions to lower down the probability of getting infected with Coronavirus. He had requested the people to come out and make sounds using utensils, hands or anything in order to show the support to all the heroes, who are out there and still working for the protection of every individual.

Now, the Indian PM has declared a three-week lockdown in the country. In his speech, he looked focussed on making a social distancing. As per him, it is the only way to put a full stop to the transmission of Coronavirus. Narendra Modi looked a bit concerned over the current conditions and requested everyone to just stay back at home for these 21 days.

The Indian PM feels that it is his responsibility to protect every single individual in the country. So, he also referred the current situation to a scene of Ramayana. He said that this lockdown is far stricter than the Janta Curfew. The citizens of the country should forget about stepping outside.

After the speech, many Indian cricketers took to their social media handles and praised the Indian Prime Minister for taking such a strong and great step. The majority of the players felt that it was a difficult thing to do but they also felt that this is the time to come together and fight.

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