Central Hinds vs Auckland Hearts, Match 12 - Live Cricket Score

Women's Super Smash, 2022 | 4 Jan 2023, Wed, 3:30 AM IST | Pukekura Park, New Plymouth

ResultAuckland Hearts won by 10 runs.


112/5 (12 ov)



102/4 (12 ov)

Saachi ShahriS Shahric JM Watkin b CL Green171540113.33
Prue CattonPrue Cattonc GK Atkinson b CL Green02000.00
Lauren DownLR Downc EG Cunningham b HM Rowe10710142.86
Bella ArmstrongBG Armstrongc KA Tomlinson b JM Watkin7134111208.82
Skye BowdenSE Bowdenc HM Rowe b JM Watkin3150020.00
Katie PerkinsKT PerkinsNot out1100100.00
Extra( b - 1, w - 4, no - 2, lb - 3, p - 0 )10
Total( 9.33 Runs per over )112 (5 Wkts, 12 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

10-1 (Prue Catton, 1.2), 29-2 (Lauren Down, 2.6), 34-3 (Saachi Shahri, 3.5), 111-4 (Skye Bowden, 11.4), 112-5 (Bella Armstrong, 11.6)

Flora Devonshire101001110.00
Claudia Green20162038.00
Hannah Rowe303911013.00
Jess Watkin30182006.00
Rosemary Mair20100005.00
Melissa Hansen101500015.00

Natalie DoddNC Doddc SE Bowden b Arlene Kelly604081150.00
Georgia AtkinsonGK Atkinsonc Makayla Templeton b BG Armstrong15201075.00
Jess WatkinJM Watkinc Arlene Kelly b A Hucker10801125.00
Mikaela GreigMJ Greigc Elizabeth Buchanan b A Hucker230066.67
Hannah RoweHM RoweNot out7301233.33
Rosemary MairRA MairNot out1100100.00
Extra( b - 0, w - 4, no - 3, lb - 0, p - 0 )7
Total( 8.50 Runs per over )102 (4 Wkts, 12 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

76-1 (Georgia Atkinson, 8.3), 91-2 (Natalie Dodd, 10.2), 94-3 (Mikaela Greig, 11.1), 101-4 (Jess Watkin, 11.5)

Arlene Kelly30191016.33
Amie Hucker30202006.67
Bella Armstrong20191119.50
Molly Penfold202300111.50
Makayla Templeton202102110.50



Women's Super Smash

Date & Time

4 Jan 2023, Wed, 3:30 AM IST


Central Hinds won the toss & elected to field


Pukekura Park, New Plymouth



Match Referee


weatherWeather Report

Clear Sky

PredictionWin Prediction

Auckland Hearts

pitchPitch Condition


ScoreAvg 1st Inning Score



Central Hinds will be taking on Auckland Hearts in the 12th match of Women's Super Smash. This match will be played at Pukekura Park in New Plymouth. Central Hinds have lost all three matches so far in this tournament. They will need to turn around their fortunes soon if they want to stay in contention for the playoffs. On the other hand, Auckland Hearts are fourth in the table with 1 win and 2 losses in 3 matches. This promises to be an exciting match.


Natalie Doddwk
Mikaela Greig
Kerry-Anne Tomlinson
Emily Cunningham
Hannah Rowe
Jess Watkin
Georgia Atkinson
Claudia Green
Melissa Hansen
Rosemary Mair
Flora Devonshire


Kate Gaging
Cate Pedersen
Ashtuti Kumar
Ocean Bartlett
Gemma Sims
Aniela Apperley
Monique Rees
Jessica Ogden
Anna Gaging

Lauren Down
Katie Perkins
Saachi Shahri
Prue Catton
Skye Bowden
Makayla Templeton
Bella Armstrong
Arlene Kelly
Molly Penfold
Amie Hucker
Elizabeth Buchananwk


IC Gaze
Sarah Carnachan
Anna Browning
Holly Huddleston
Emma Irwin
Sydney Bultitude
Fran Jonas
Josie Penfold
Amberly Parr Thompson
Bree Illing
Jesse Prasad