Cook Islands vs Fiji, 10th Match - Live Cricket Score

ICC Mens T20 World Cup East Asia Pacific Qualifier A, 2022 | 14 Sep 2022, Wed, 8:00 AM IST | Independence Park, Port Vila

ResultCook Islands won by 8 wickets


147/10 (20 ov)



150/2 (18.3 ov)

Noa AcaweiN Acaweib Liam Denny131011130.00
Sosiceni DelaiSosiceni Delaic Tomasi Vanuarua b M Ave16293055.17
Seru TupouSM Tupouc Thomas Parima b Tomakanute Ritawa10160062.50
Delaimatuku MaraiwaiDS Maraiwaic Aue Parima b Tomakanute Ritawa232130109.52
Metuisela BeitakiM Beitakib Tomakanute Ritawa18912200.00
Peni VuniwaqaPV Vuniwaqac M Ave b Liam Denny402124190.48
Tevita Sokokisolomone WaqavakatogaTevita Sokokisolomone Waqavakatogab Tomakanute Ritawa01000.00
Josaia BaleicikoibiaJ Baleicikoibiac Tomakanute Ritawa b William Kokaua7501140.00
Jone WeseleJ Weselec Tomasi Vanuarua b Tomakanute Ritawa140025.00
Sekove RavokaS RavokaNot out230066.67
Petero CabebulaP Cabebulab Liam Denny01000.00
Extra( b - 5, w - 12, no - 0, lb - 0, p - 0 )17
Total( 7.35 Runs per over )147 (10 Wkts, 20 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

34-1 (Noa Acawei, 5.2), 41-2 (Sosiceni Delai, 7.5), 70-3 (Seru Tupou, 11.5), 75-4 (Delaimatuku Maraiwai, 13.1), 101-5 (Metuisela Beitaki, 15.3), 101-6 (Tevita Sokokisolomone Waqavakatoga, 15.4), 111-7 (Josaia Baleicikoibia, 16.4), 114-8 (Jone Wesele, 17.5), 146-9 (Peni Vuniwaqa, 19.4), 147-10 (Petero Cabebula, 19.6)

Tomasi Vanuarua40190084.75
Liam Denny41323018.00
Maara Ave2081004.00
Cory Dickson40350008.75
Tomakanute Riawa40195014.75
William Kokaua202910114.50

Maara AveM AveNot out9261112150.82
Davis TeinakiDavis Teinakib J Wesele16210276.19
Aue ParimaAue Parimab SM Tupou18202090.00
Thomas ParimaThomas ParimaNot out181002180.00
Extra( b - 0, w - 5, no - 1, lb - 0, p - 0 )6
Total( 8.11 Runs per over )150 (2 Wkts, 18.3 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

33-1 (Davis Teinaki, 6.6), 89-2 (Aue Parima, 13.5)

Petero Cabebula30210037.00
Sekove Ravoka40160014.00
Jone Wesele3.304310112.29
Tevita Sokokisolomone Waqavakatoga30290009.67
Peni Vuniwaqa202001010.00
Seru Tupou30211007.00



ICC Mens T20 World Cup East Asia Pacific Qualifier A

Date & Time

14 Sep 2022, Wed, 8:00 AM IST


Cook Islands won the toss & elected to field


Independence Park, Port Vila



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Clear Sky

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In the 10th game of T20 World Cup East Asia Pacific Qualifier A 2022, the Cook Islands will lock horns against Fiji on September 14, at Independence Park, Port Vila, Vanuatu. Both sides are one of the tournament's best sides and look decent on paper. The Cook Islands and Fiji have played four games each in the contest and won two games each. With two wins into their account, Fiji ranks second on the points table with four points into their account and an NRR of -0.571. On the other hand, with two victories, Cook Island ranks third on the points table with four points into their account and an NRR of -0.977.


Maara AveC
Aue Parimawk
Cory Dickson
Thomas Parima
Davis Teinaki
Gabe raymond
William Kokaua
Benjamin Vakatini
Liam Denny
Tomakanute Riawa
Tomasi Vanuarua


Hayden Dickson
Glenn Miller
Patiiami Ataela
Chris Mana
Dan Simpson
Pare Rongokea

Metuisela Beitakiwk
Jone WeseleC
Petero Cabebula
Noa Acawei
Seru Tupou
Delaimatuku Maraiwai
Peni Vuniwaqa
Josaia Baleicikoibia
Sekove Ravoka
Tevita Sokokisolomone Waqavakatoga
Sosiceni Delai


Kitiano Tavo
Sosiceni Weleilakeba
Samuela Draunivudi
Siteri Tabuisulu
Cakacaka Tuapati
Cakacaka Cokovaki