Netherlands Women vs FairBreak Women XI, Match 2 - Live Cricket Score

FairBreak XI Tour Of Netherlands, 2022 | 1 Sep 2022, Thur, 6:30 PM IST | VRA Ground, Amstelveen

Match Starts In



Zainab KhanZainab Khanc S Siegers b Eva Lynch230066.67
Mariko HillM Hillc Robine Rijke b S Siegers20243083.33
Kerry-Anne TomlinsonKA TomlinsonRetired hurt51525098.08
Sonali PatelSonali Patelc Hannah Landheer b S Siegers10910111.11
Roberta AveryRoberta Averyb S Siegers480050.00
Bhavika GajipraBhavika GajipraNot out10180055.56
Ariana DowseAriana DowseNot out12710171.43
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 0, w - 5, no - 1, lb - 4, p - 0 )10
Total( 5.95 Runs per over )119 (4 Wkts, 20 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

2-1 (Zainab Khan, 0.3), 50-2 (Mariko Hill, 9.1), 69-3 (Sonali Patel, 11.4), 81-4 (Roberta Avery, 13.6)

Eva Lynch30121014.00
Iris Zwilling41170014.25
Isabel van der Woning30220007.33
Silver Siegers40213015.25
Gwen Bloemen30220107.33
Annemijn Thomson20110005.50
Hannah Landheer101000210.00

Babette de LeedeB de Leedec Bhavika Gajipra b M Hill8101080.00
Robyn van OosteromRobyn van Oosteromrunout (Ariana Dowse / Sonali Patel)170014.29
Iris ZwillingIris Zwillingb Gunjan Shukla170014.29
Robine RijkeR Rijkec Saba Nasim b M Hill37412090.24
Gwen BloemenGwendolyn Bloemenrunout (Ariana Dowse / M Hill)9150060.00
Annemijn ThomsonAH Thomsonc Ariana Dowse b Bhavika Gajipra16210076.19
Jolien van VlietJ van Vlietrunout (M Hill / Bhavika Gajipra)8100080.00
Eva LynchEva LynchNot out9900100.00
Silver SiegersS SiegersNot out00000.00
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 2, w - 8, no - 0, lb - 1, p - 0 )11
Total( 5.00 Runs per over )100 (7 Wkts, 20 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

4-1 (Robyn van Oosterom, 2.2), 11-2 (Babette de Leede, 3.2), 13-3 (Iris Zwilling, 4.4), 32-4 (Gwen Bloemen, 8.5), 71-5 (Annemijn Thomson, 15.1), 86-6 (Robine Rijke, 17.3), 99-7 (Jolien van Vliet, 19.5)

Gunjan Shukla40131013.25
Mariko Hill40142013.50
Jo Foster30190036.33
Poppy Mc Geown30150025.00
Bhavika Gajipra30191006.33
Zainab Khan30170005.67



FairBreak XI Tour Of Netherlands

Date & Time

1 Sep 2022, Thur, 6:30 PM IST


FairBreak Women XI won the toss & elected to bat


VRA Ground, Amstelveen



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Clear Sky

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FairBreak Women XI

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Netherlands Women will take on FairBreak XI in the 2nd T20 match at the VRA Ground in Amstelveen. Netherlands Women are heading into this match with a loss against the tourists FairBreak XI in the first game. Fairbreak XI, on the other side, performed surprisingly well and gave an excellent all-round performance to clinch victory in the opening match. Now, they will be looking to seal the series with a win in this game whereas Netherlands Women will look to make a solid comeback and save the series. This promises to be an exciting match as both teams have a capable line-up and will be vying for victory.


Babette de Leedewk
Jolien van Vliet
Robine Rijke
Annemijn Thomson
Iris Zwilling
Silver Siegers
Eva Lynch
Hannah Landheer
Isabel van der Woning
Robyn van Oosterom
Gwen Bloemen


Frederique Overdijk
Juliët Post
Sterre Kalis
Annemijn van Beuge
Heather Siegers
Marloes Braat
Caroline de Lange
Mikkie Zwilling

Ariana DowseCwk
Roberta Avery
Kerry-Anne Tomlinson
Mariko Hill
Poppy Mc Geown
Zainab Khan
Jo Foster
Gunjan Shukla
Sonali Patel
Bhavika Gajipra


Yasmin Daswani
Laura Bailey
Ruchitha Venkatesh