Marsh Cup 2019-20: Sam Heazlett slams the ball straight back at the bowler Mickey Edwards' head

Marsh Cup 2019-20: Sam Heazlett slams the ball straight back at the bowler Mickey Edwards’ head

Edwards was soon up and running after taking a blow on his head.

Mickey Edwards
Mickey Edwards. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The security of batsman and umpires have become premier in the ongoing scenario of cricket. Especially in the aftermath of the Phil Hughes’ untimely demise; the helmets became safer and even a protector was added to the back of the helmet to protect. The grille of the helmets has become sturdier with no option to adjust them.

Even umpires have started to wear helmets and wear protective shields on their hands in order to keep themselves safe from batsman’s straight hits as Bruce Oxenford does. However, one of the people on the field who do not have any protection from such brutal hits are the bowlers themselves and we have seen many injuries happen when the ball is hit back straight at the bowler, with worse being Keegan Meth losing his teeth after being hit on mouth.

Brutal blow

Something similar happened during the ongoing Marsh Cup match between Queensland and New South Wales. The incident shows why even bowlers should wear helmets. As Mickey Edwards bowled a fuller delivery, Queensland batter Sam Heazlett decided to attack and hit the ball straight back at the bowler. Edwards was in his follow-through and had nowhere to go and was hit square in the head.

The blow looked serious, but after a few moments, Mickey Edwards stood up rubbing his head where he was hit and walked back to his mark. shared the video of the incident which showed that Edwards actually had managed to put his hand up in front of his head and saved himself from serious injury.

Here is the video:

About the match

NSW registered a healthy total of 305/5 against Queensland. Jack Edwards, the 19-year-old opening batsman was the top-scorer for the team with 84. Moises Henriques and Nicholas Bertus also stroked brilliant half-centuries. Heazlett scored a 57-ball 70 and the Ashes star Marnus Labuschagne hit 67 runs, as the two put up a partnership of more than 100 runs, as Queensland won the match easily.

Though not many bowlers have taken measures to protect themselves from such hits, Warren Barnes of Otago Volts was seen wearing a face protector in 2018, after being hit a few too many times on his head while bowling. Furthermore, it helps bowlers keep themselves safe as they usually drop their heads while completing their bowling action.

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