Matthew Hayden labels himself as the biggest CSK fan ever

Matthew Hayden also expressed his happiness for Chennai Super Kings who made a return into the IPL.

Mathew Hayden
Matthew Hayden. (© Getty Images)

Legendary Australian batsman Matthew Hayden labelled the India tour as a significant event in Australia’s cricket schedule. The 45 year also stated that the complications between the Australian cricketers and Cricket Australia need to be settled as soon as possible because there is a lot at risk.

Australian cricket is currently going through a turmoil because of a pay dispute between the players and the board. The failure to reach a MoU has left the cricketers unemployed at the moment.


“I think it will get resolved. but I am not sure how it will get resolved. That is because there have been mediation efforts and that have not been accepted,” Hayden told PTI.

“Plans have been laid out pretty substantially. There has to be a meeting of the minds. And, it has to happen quickly.” added Hayden. “We have a tour of India coming up as well. It is very important part of meeting the ICC future tours programme.

Hayden continued “There is a lot at stake. Not to mention of the Ashes.”

“(Matches against) India and the Ashes are the premium Test match events in the Australian cricket culture. There is so much to lose by not resolving the issues.”

On Test cricket:

Speaking about Test cricket, Matthew Hayden pointed out that Tests are the most important and valuable form of the game and cannot be replaced at any cost. He also admitted that it is crucial how the administrators and the international Cricket Council (ICC) deal and adjust it with other formats of the game.

“I have heard arguments that Twenty-20 cricket is always going to be a problem. T20 cricket is a solution. Test cricket is also a solution, to a different audience. You will never ever get Test match cricket replaced. But, the administrators and International Cricket Council (ICC) in particular have to acknowledge the changing face of Test cricket.

“To have 14 Test matches in a domestic summer in India is going to have effects on the fan base of cricket. No questions. Then you add on the other layers, of one-dayers and T20 international(s). Something has got to give.”

“I don’t believe that the ICC is addressing the future tours programme as it could be to acknowledge the importance of T20 cricket, but also at the end of the stick acknowledge every stakeholder in the game loves Test cricket. How do you balance that programme, is important” said Hayden.

On Kohli and Smith:

When asked to analyze and compare the captaincy styles of Virat Kohli and Steve Smith, Hayden said that it is not possible. According to the mongoose bat holder the two are completely different individuals with different personalities. He added that Virat Kohli is the modern face of Indian cricket and both the players are undoubtedly the ruling players in their respective teams.

“I don’t think it can be done. They are very different personalities. I will say Virat is part of the modern face of India.

“A bold personality. He is a resilient personality as well and is prepared to take a stand. His natural game as is Smith’s natural game are almost similar. They are incredibly skilled and are the best players in their respective teams.

“They have a very different style of captaincy. One is a little here, kind of, while Smith is slightly laidback. Both have got extremely strong personalities.” claimed the retired international.

On CSK return:

Matthew Hayden also expressed his happiness for Chennai Super Kings who made a return into the IPL. The men in yellow will be a part of the tournament again from 2018. Hayden said that he is the biggest fan the team ever had.

“I don’t think you can get a bigger fan of CSK than Hayden. I really missed CSK in the last two years. I was very disappointed that they were not there in the last two editions of IPL.”

“The team’s success has been incredible and their fan base is massive. Importantly, it has been primarily focused on the key asset, cricket.” concluded the Maestro.