Matthew Hayden and his spiritual home in India

Matthew Hayden and his spiritual home in India

He played 32 matches in three seasons for the Chennai Super Kings.

Former Australia cricketer Matthew Hayden speaks about the India Cements TNPL
Former Australia cricketer Matthew Hayden. (Photo Source: TNPL)

Matthew Hayden isn’t a small name in world cricket by any stretch of imagination. He was intimidating in stature owing to which he was able to leave the best bowling attacks in tatters. In all formats of the game, he was a headache for the opponents and he was hard to restrict when in full flow. He was also a part of the Australian national squad in their historic Test series versus India in 2000-01.

The cricketer has also plied his trade in the prestigious Indian Premier League (IPL). He played 32 matches in three seasons for the Chennai Super Kings from 2008 to 2010. In this season’s IPL, he was seen gracing his presence in the commentary box along with other big names like Kumar Sangakkara, David Llyod, and many others.

“India is a very emotional place”- Matthew Hayden

Hayden’s connection with Chennai is more than just cricket. Recently, he praised the people of the city and also mentioned it as his bastion of spirituality. The 46-year mentioned his liking towards the atmosphere in the city and heaped praises on the hospitality he is treated to in Chennai

“My spiritual home is certainly within Tamil Nadu. I have always had a deep connection with the people (in Tamil Nadu), the way they revere cricket. They are a coastal community as well. My preference is in the south (of India). I like the humidity and the coastal environment.

I have a deep connection with the cuisine. India is a very emotional place. It is a place where there is great acceptance of people. There is a kindness of human heart here,” Matthew Hayden was quoted as saying by International Business Times (IB Times).

Moreover, Hayden, the brand ambassador of the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL), revealed about how he planned to share the ethereality of the city with his spouse and daughter. “My wife and daughter are over here for the first time. My daughter is celebrating her 16th birthday.

I wanted to share with them that connection to the beautiful people in India. It is amazing to wake up every day and see the smile on their faces and finally they understand dad was talking about this at home,” the former Australian cricketer added.

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