Matthew Wade finds backing from Brad Haddin to excel in the upcoming ODI series against India

I don’t think people took into account how extreme the Dhaka wicket was: Haddin

Brad Haddin
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Former Australian cricket wicketkeeper Brad Haddin backed Matthew Wade to come off good in the upcoming matches against India. Haddin believes he is only going to get better with the conditions he would face in the ongoing Asia tour. Recently, Matthew Wade faced the brunt of massive criticism after he conceded 22 Byes in the Dhaka Test which tested his skills as a keeper.

Haddin claims that Wade will be more at ease after he returns home in Australia with the true bounce in the wickets. Haddin also suggested that one has to take into account the testing conditions of Dhaka before stating their judgment as he himself went through the same process.


Australia take on India on September 17 at Chennai

“One thing I think that happens at the end of a subcontinent tour because you stand so close and you have some extreme condition when you go back home your rhythm is as good as it’s ever going to be. Over here it tests your technique and the one thing I’ve noticed is he’s trusting his technique, perhaps more than he’s done previously,” quoted Brad Haddin according to

“I think when he gets home he’ll enjoy the natural bounce of the Australian wickets because he’s had some extreme conditions and I think he’d handled himself well,” further added Haddin. Australia starts off their campaign in India at Chennai on September 17, following their tour of Bangladesh where they managed to tie the Test series at 1-1.

“I don’t think people took into account how extreme the wicket was. I thought he had some extreme conditions to deal with, some that I can’t really remember having to deal with (when I played). On one occasion a ball rolled and he had to stop it with his foot and the next ball bounced straight over his head,” concluded Haddin.