Michael Vaughan gives a brilliant suggestion over hosting IPL 2020 in the near future

Indian Premier League has probably the highest standard of cricket when compared to the leagues across the globe.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan. (Photo by Robert Cianflone – CA/Cricket Australia via Getty Images)

In the last few days, there been a lot of discussions regarding what could be the fate of the Indian Premier League 2020. With India going into a complete lockdown for 21 days until April 14, the tournament is not likely to start when in early May. Many have speculated that the 13th edition of IPL could be cancelled completely.

On Thursday, Australian journalist and Sportswriter Peter Lalor came up with a brilliant suggestion for having the IPL. He put up a situation in which the ICC men’s T20 World Cup which would be held in the October-November window in Australia gets cancelled due to the difficulties of having the players to fly in Australia by that time.


Further, BCCI decides to have the IPL at that moment in the October-November. He also suggested that Cricket Australia would not say anything to the decision as India would be touring Australia in a couple of months time after the world event. The four-match Test series between the two sides will be played December and January. He asked the Twitter fans to comment on what they thought of his suggestion.

Peter Lalor tweeted, “Here’s a thought. T20 World Cup in Oz abandoned because of obvious difficulties with players flying in. Quarantines etc. BCCI swoops and plays IPL in that Oct-Nov window. CA will let players compete knowing it needs India to tour in summer. What do you think?”

‘IPL could be used as a warm-up for T20 World Cup’: Michael Vaughan

Former England captain decided to go up with another suggestion instead. He raised a situation where IPL could be played just a few weeks before the ICC T20 World Cup. He said that the IPL could act as a great warm-up for all the players going into the World Cup. He also mentioned that IPL is quite important for the game of cricket.

Vaughan tweeted, “Here’s a thought .. The IPL is played for the 5 weeks leading up to the T20 World Cup in Oz .. all players use it as the great warm up for the WC .. then the WC happens .. So important for the game that the IPL takes place but also the WC ..”

Indian Premier League has probably the highest standard of cricket when compared to the leagues across the globe. Every year, the best of players of from all across the globe play in this tournament. In fact, it is would be ideal for all the players coming and playing the IPL before playing the T20 World Cup.