Mike Brearley fears Virat Kohli might end up being authoritarian

Mike Brearley fears Virat Kohli might end up being authoritarian

"I love watching him play," he said.

Virat Kohli
Indian captain Virat Kohli. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Ever since Virat Kohli has taken up the leadership responsibility of Team India, there has been a sense of insecurity among the other batsmen. The constant chopping and changing especially in the Test team hasn’t gone down well for the players as far as their confidence is concerned. While the team has overall improved under his leadership, it seems that he is the one who takes all the decisions which fears the former England captain Mike Brearley.

Though he praised Kohli a lot for being aggressive in nature and most importantly, setting up an example by leading from the front with the bat. But when it comes to making selection decisions, the champion cricketer might have to take his team into the account. There were reports recently that a few of the team members not being happy with the constant changes in the team.

To make matters worse, even the vice-captain of the team Ajinkya Rahane and the most dependable number three Cheteshwar Pujara haven’t been spared either.

People might be scared to give an opinion

Mike Brearley, while speaking to the Times of India, cleared that he absolutely loves to watch him bat but the way he carries all the charisma with himself, he might end up being authoritarian in the dressing room. “I love watching him [Kohli] play cricket. He is a very intelligent captain and has a tremendous presence on the field. But he has so much charisma, articulacy and authority that there’s a danger of him becoming authoritarian,” he said.

Moreover, the 76-year-old also felt that Kohli should let the team know about what he’s thinking and then ask their opinions as well. “He [Kohli] has got to have the capacity to tell people what to do. But if you become too authoritarian, then you are not open to other points of view. Becoming too influential can also mean that people are scared of giving you the opinion and then you don’t gather in. You need to have 11 captains in the team, just that you have to be the in-charge,” he added.

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