Moeen Ali would continue to fast during Champions Trophy for Allah!

Moeen Ali would continue to fast during Champions Trophy for Allah!

It is more a mental than physical thing, claims Ali

Moeen Ali
Moeen Ali of England. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

The ICC Champions Trophy is scheduled to start in a couple of days time and the month of Ramzan has collided with the schedule of the event. Therefore, many players from Pakistan, Bangladesh and all the players from the Muslim community have opted to observe the month of Ramzan.

Players like Adil Rashid, Hasim Amla, and Imran Tahir are popular names from the Muslim community apart from players from countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. One of the most renowned personalities from English camp who would follow the rituals of the month-long custom is Moeen Ali and in a recent interview, the all-rounder revealed about his experience of playing cricket with no food, water or drinks.

Moeen Ali emphasized the importance of prayers during the days of Ramadaan. It is only after prayers that Ali can afford to relax. Even when playing cricket, Ali needs to pray before being able to concentrate again. When asked about how manages to withstand 19 hours a day without food and beverages including water, Moeen Ali suggested that its all in the mind and his willpower helps him to overcome hurdles while playing cricket during his fast.

How Allah helps overcome his hurdles

Ali also termed the whole experience as rewarding as well as it exhibits his senses by sharpening them. The southpaw further stated that it is physically relaxing at the same time. “I have to make sure I am hydrated before I begin my fast. My schedule does not change too much but I have to make sure I get a good sleep before the match” said the man according to the interview.

“I have been doing it for a very long time so I am not worried about it. I am used to it and it is more a mental than physical thing.” he further augmented. He concluded by saying that he has performed exceptionally well during the month of Ramzan and appreciated the efforts of his team-mates for keeping food away from him. Ali stressed on the fact that if he had to play another match, he would without thinking twice, as he is doing it for the almighty Allah.

How does Moeen Ali play cricket and fast for 19 hours ?via BBC Urdu

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