Moeen Ali's management company to file a defamation case against Taslima Nasreen

Moeen Ali’s management company to file a defamation case against Taslima Nasreen

Moeen Ali is yet to break his silence on the ruckus surrounding the Bangladesh author's comments.

Moeen Ali
Moeen Ali. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

England’s all-rounder Moeen Ali has been hogging all the limelight lately owing to a controversial and distasteful statement made by Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen. Taslima is known for her controversial tweets but the author went too far this time by dragging the English spinner.

The 58-year-old Mymensingh-born author took to her official Twitter handle on April 5, Monday, to slam Moeen saying that the all-rounder would definitely have joined ISIS had he not been stuck in the world of cricket. 

“If Moeen Ali were not stuck with cricket,  he would have gone to Syria to join ISIS” Taslima Nasreen tweeted. 

The statement by the Bangladeshi author faced backlash from all over the cricket fraternity as the fans and veteran cricketers slammed the lady for disgracing Moeen Ali. Many England players also supported their team-mate and criticised Taslima.

After getting subjected to hate on social media, the controversial author came up with another tweet to issue a clarification on the matter saying that her words were sarcastic and it was a ploy by the haters to defame her. She further added that many people made it an agenda to humiliate her.

“Haters know very well that my Moeen Ali tweet was sarcastic. But they made that an issue to humiliate me because I try to secularize Muslim society & I oppose Islamic fanaticism. One of the greatest tragedies of humankind is pro-women leftists support anti-women Islamists,” Nasreen wrote.

Moeen Ali planning to sue Taslima Nasreen

Amidst all the chaos, people were waiting for an official statement from the spin all-rounder regarding the whole matter. While Moeen Ali is yet to break his silence, his management company, Aces Middle East, took to their official Twitter handle to reveal that they are looking at all the legal possibilities of filing a defamation case against Taslima Nasreen.

The company elaborated their stance saying that they will definitely take an action on the Bangladeshi author as nobody should be left free after they “utter such nonsense” on a public platform.

“For the record – we are consulting our lawyers with regards the defamatory tweet made by @taslimanasreen in regards to Moeen Ali and will look at the possible angles for legal proceedings – one mustn’t be allowed to utter such nonsense and be allowed to get away with it”  the sports management company tweeted.