Mohammad Amir over the moon as his idol praised him

Amir not only did it with the ball but he also did a fantastic job with the bat as well.

Mohammad Amir of Pakistan
Mohammad Amir of Pakistan. (Photo by Philip Brown/Getty Images)

Mohammad Amir absolutely destroyed the Indian batting lineup the other day. In the first game of the tournament, he was a bit offbeat against the same opposition. However, ever since that game Amir has been right on the money and concluded a wonderful campaign overall.

The left-arm pacer not only did it with the ball but he also did a fantastic job with the bat for his team. If it was not for him Pakistan would not have been in the finals. He batted beautifully against the Sri Lankans in that virtual quarter-finals. His partnership with Sarfraz inspired the whole team and they never looked back since.


Amir had to sit out the game against England due to back spasm but he came back against India and boy did he bowl well. He was just fantastic in that opening spell. He bowled 6 overs and gave away merely 16 runs but the wickets column showed the true story. He picked up 3 wickets all three top Indian batters and that broke the backbone of the opponent.

He sent packing the Rohit Sharma then followed it up with Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan to rip apart the Indian batting lineup. It was extremely tough for India to come back from after that as three of their best batters who had face the most balls and scored the most runs in the tournament were in the pavilion and then there was no way back for India.

Wasim Akram praises Amir

Mohammad Amir’s spell was the game changing moment of the final and it was the spell that virtually sealed the game for them. Wasim Akram who was a similar kind of bowler back in the day after watching Amir bowl got nostalgic as he tweeted to praise the youngster.

Amir who looked up to Akram while growing up was over the moon as he replied to Wasim’s tweet. The legend tweeted right after his spell and the tweet read, “You little beauty @TheAmirOfficiaI reminded me of my days,”

Amir was awed and replied, “You know you are doing something right when the maestro @wasimakramlive approves of you. I take the most humble bow, Sir Shukria.”

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