Most overrated XI of current cricketers

Most overrated XI of current cricketers

There are some players who get lucky and get continuous chances despite lack of performances.

2. Kraigg Braithwaite

Kraigg Brathwaite
Kraigg Brathwaite. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

He is the captain of West Indies‘ Test team. Kraigg is a gifted player without a shadow of a doubt. He has shown it as a batsman in a lot of Tests for the Caribbean, which is why the team has a lot of faith in him.

But in recent years, Braithwaite hasn’t been able to do so well. His Test average is just 33 which is concerning for a player of his calibre. In fact, he didn’t hit a single century in spite of featuring in 11 Test matches in the last two years.

Brathwaite showed some sign of form earlier this year against Sri Lanka, but the concern remains the same for him. He will have to do a lot better than this to lead the West Indies from the front. As of now, he’s one of the most overrated openers in the cricketing world.

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