MS Dhoni feels even ICC doesn't understand Duckworth-Lewis method

MS Dhoni feels even ICC doesn’t understand Duckworth-Lewis method

Duckworth-Lewis method has got it's fair share of criticism too from current and former cricketers.

MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh and Rohit Sharma.
MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh and Rohit Sharma. (Photo Source: Twitter)

When you are captain of a team for as long as Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been, it is necessary you learn the art of dodging tricky questions as quickly as possible. MS Dhoni showed his art at the Virat Kohli’s charity ball on Monday. Dhoni was asked to give his views on the much controversial Duckworth-Lewis system.

His articulation was such that it betrayed any sense of dismay, yet sufficiently put across his actual point of view. ‘Don’t think even ICC understands Duckworth Lewis” Dhoni said.

With many games of the ongoing Champions Trophy getting interrupted by rain, Duckworth-Lewis method has come into the equation many a time. This method has been used to set revised scores for over two decades and to be honest, it has got it’s fair share of criticism too from current and former cricketers.

The biggest shortcoming that perhaps has been attributed to Duckworth-Lewis over the years has been that it is seemingly loaded in favour of the team batting second. This is a notion that can certainly be contested but in the recent past, it has been seen that captains having won the toss in the overcast conditions have mostly bowled first to take maximum advantage of the conditional probability of this system in favour of teams batting second.

Talking about the charity ball

The Indian captain Virat Kohli has been raising funds to help the underprivileged children through his foundation for a long time now. “We set it up quite a while back but to get it rolling it was very important that we start raising funds in a big way. My vision was to provide for the underprivileged kids,” Kohli was quoted as saying by Cricketnext.

India would take on Sri Lanka on Thursday at Oval, where there is a high probability of rain and Duckworth-Lewis method might come into the picture again.