MS Dhoni to mentor young cricketers from India and Australia

MS Dhoni India
India’s captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. (Photo by JEKESAI NJIKIZANA/AFP/Getty Images)

Indian limited overs skipper MS Dhoni has fewer national assignments this year and that allows him more time to work on his game as well as other associations that appeal to him. Dhoni was today named the brand ambassador of the Craig McDermott International Cricket Academy (CMICA), which is a leading private cricket and educational sports academy in Australia.

The academy offers a bachelor’s degree in sports science and management with specific prominence on cricket. It will give Dhoni an opportunity to meet and mentor aspiring cricketers from both India and Australia. The cricketer is eagerly looking forward to it and said he was excited about it. “It is the perfect platform for me to give something back to the game,” Dhoni was quoted by PTI saying.


“More importantly, the academy will help sports-minded kids strike the right balance between education and sport. So far, intelligent youngsters who were also good in sport had to choose and settle only for one,” he added.

He also added that speaking to Craig he got a better idea about Venture Capitalism and how it works.

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“I wasn’t very clear about the concept of venture capitalists initially,” revealed Dhoni. “I thought they just invest in business startups or new ideas and that’s about it. But now, after speaking to Craig at length I have understood that there is a lot of hard work that goes behind what they do. I am really fascinated,” he added. “I got to know about the risks involved in these kinds of ventures. You may do due diligence and extensive research but that does not mean you won’t fail.

“This is what I liked most about it because in life also we take risks without knowing the outcome. It is this challenge that got me interested and helped me decide to become part of this great new initiative,” Dhoni explained.

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