MSD and the Indian Cricket Fan- A relationship to be told

MSD and the Indian Cricket Fan- A relationship to be told

India is a much celebrated cricketing powerhouse, world cricket is dominated by the sheer magnanimity of the fan following that Indian cricket stars and the team overall manages to garner across the whole World
Expectation and a constant pressure of delivering the goods each time the players cross the boundary line and try to showcase their skills on a 22 yard strip is always evident.

MS Dhoni Appeals Behind The Wicket
MS Dhoni Appeals Behind The Wicket (Image Source : © AFP )

Since decades our country has been ruled by cricket, it is a religion and we also have a God.
Perhaps this obsession has created a burden and has always deprived the players to play to the best of their abilities and more importantly as normal human beings, this is when the calmness and serenity of a certain lad from Jharkhand named Mahendra Singh Dhoni arrived
The art of convincing the psyche of an Indian fan through tactical as well as technical brilliance took full shape and under his able leadership a foundation of the Gen Next India was laid
Some might argue his predecessors constructed the nucleus of this side but the real difference lies in the attitude and the brand of cricket that india plays.
To me the Indian captain not only captains the cricket team he captains the expectation of a nation
A nation full of cricket maniacs who only seem result oriented
The failure of the fan to understand that winning and loosing are part of the process towards building a team that will eventually scale stupendous heights
And also the presence of the opposition along with their desire to beat India has always been overlooked by an average Indian fan
The ability to churn out results from available resources and immense faith in the players has set Dhoni miles apart from modern captains
Every facet of his game is modelled around the need of the team and the Indian fan at large.

All the tricky situations and precarious positions on the cricket field always see him stand up and perform with an innate effortlessness and utter disdain
This is the real class of MSD, not with the bat not with the gloves but with the mind
His empathy towards an Indian fan and unflinching commitment makes him the ultimate patriot

We at crictracker appreciate his efforts in bringing Indian cricket where it is today
And wish for his success in times to come

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