‘My intention was not to hurt anyone’- Sushil Doshi after calling Hindi as mother tongue of all Indians

Sushil Doshi had to face the rage of the fans on social media.

Sushil Doshi
Sushil Doshi. (Photo Source: The News Minute)

Indian commentator Sushil Doshi gave birth to controversy during a Ranji Trophy match between Karnataka and Baroda. His comments over Hindi being the mother tongue of India didn’t go down well with the fans, who bashed him upside down by criticizing him on social media. After facing the heat of the fans, he came out and seek an apology from the followers for his statement while doing commentary.

Ranji Trophy 2019-20 season is in its full swing with all the teams giving their best to qualify into the further stage of the tournament. And, Karnataka and Baroda are also involved in an encounter that is being played at Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.


Sushil Doshi says that his words were misplaced 

The instance happened in the same game on it Day 2 when Sushil Doshi said that every Indian should know Hindi as it is the mother tongue of India. The veteran commentator also added saying that he doesn’t like those players, who say that they are cricketers and still can speak Hindi. According to him, why to flaunt about the same as any player living in India should know Hindi.

This statement by Sushil Doshi was not liked by the fans, who began criticizing him on social media. However, after the match, he came out with a clarification that his intention was not to hurt anyone. All the languages are a part of the country and he admitted the fact that while doing commentary his words were misplaced. He meant to say that everyone ‘could’ learn Hindi instead of ‘should’.

“The intention was never to enforce a language. All languages of the country are a part of the country. Everybody loves to speak their language. My intention was not to hurt anyone. I meant to say that every Indian ‘could’ know Hindi rather than ‘should’,” Sushil Doshi said as quoted by Times of India.

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