My mom is a very strong and ambitious woman, says Hasin Jahan's first daughter

My mom is a very strong and ambitious woman, says Hasin Jahan’s first daughter

"She wanted to achieve a lot in life and that is the reason she left my father and moved out.”

Hasin Jahan
Hasin Jahan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan was married to another man and has two daughters from her first marriage. She got married to Saifuddin when she was 15 years old and they gave birth to two daughters. Soon enough Jahan realized that she had bigger ambitions in life and left Saifuddin and family behind.

She wanted to explore a career as an actress and thus got into modelling. Jahan then worked as a cheerleader with the Kolkata Knight Riders and that is where she met Shami in 2012. The two had an affair for a couple of years and then got married. The couple also has a daughter Aairah who is 3 years old.

Jahan’s first daughter from the other marriage in an interview with ABP News admitted that her mother is a very ambitious woman and that she wouldn’t settle for anything ordinary. She wanted to make it big in life and did everything possible to make that happen.

“My mom is a very strong and ambitious woman. She wanted to achieve a lot in life and that is the reason she left my father and moved out,” she said.

When asked if she’s met the Indian cricketer who is their step-father and how he treated them the girl who is a 10th grade student in Kolkata said: “We’ve met Shami very often. He treated both me and my younger sister like his daughter. He even included us in their family. He would give us gifts during festivals and would take us out for shopping. Whenever we had a leave from school he’d take us out.”

Alisbah has become a popular name since this controversy broke out and Jahan has been alleging that it was she who got him to be disloyal and in fact also bribed Shami to maybe fix matches.

“It is a very tough time in our family. I never expected Shami would do that. But I’d been hearing this name Alisbah for a long time. My Mom would tell him to leave that girl and to not be indulged with her or it will break the family,” she added.

The 15-year-old doesn’t want all this to affect her father’s cricketing career as he’s worked really hard to rise in the ranks and be a part of the Indian cricket team. “I don’t want his (Shami’s) career to take a hit from this. He’s struggled a lot to get where he is today,” she further said.

She said that both Jahan and Shami love one another but some of the cricketers acts were intolerable for her mother and thus they where they do at this point.

“Both my Mom and Dad loved each other a lot. But my Mom didn’t like when a third person was a part of their relationship and she always asked him to not do that still Shami would do that.”

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