New Zealand vs Sri Lanka: Expert discloses the reason behind the bright lights in the sky during the 2nd ODI

It was around 9pm on January 5 that the cameras capturing the lights soaring in the sky.

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka
Photo Source: Twitter)

The New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 2nd ODI witnessed a beautiful spectacle not just on the field but in the sky as well. The New Zealand skies brightened up during the second innings of the game and it looked like a meteor shower. The two teams were playing at the Mount Maunganui and it was proving to be a cracker of a contest as the Lankans attempted to chase down an improbable total.

The lights were seen all over the country and experts later confirmed that it was not a meteor and in fact, could’ve been the remains of a Russian military satellite. It was around 9 pm on January 5 that the cameras covering the One-Day International match captured the lights soaring in the sky. Later University of Auckland physics professor made it clear that it wasn’t a meteor rather a satellite.


When the incident was further analysed and those who track such events took a look at it, was revealed that it was the satellite since its re-entry was expected to be around the same time. Richard Easther a physics professor mentioned on Twitter.

Here is his Twitter thread:

He added, “if it WAS reentering space junk, it was a big enough piece of debris that someone will likely know what has just gone missing…”

Richard further mentioned, “Ok — internet seems to be saying it WAS space junk, a Russian military early warning satellite; would have been over NZ at the right time; was predicted to reenter, although this is a week or two early”

New Zealand win the series

The game was well in favour of the home team for the most part of the evening. The hosts posted a huge total of 319 batting first and it was expected to be a huge challenge for the visiting team. They lack stability and consistency in the batting and that proved to be the real vulnerability.

Late in the chase, it was Thisara Perera who took the attack onto the opposition and created a game out of it. The runs, however, proved 21 too many as Perera fell as the last man for 140 and Sri Lanka with that also lost the series.

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