Not allowed to watch an IPL game; young fan commits suicide

Not allowed to watch an IPL game; young fan commits suicide

A boy had an argument with his mother before being found dead inside his room.

IPL trophy. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The eleventh edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) is off and running. There’s no denying the fact that the league attracts viewers across the globe as the excitement among the fans is one to reckon with. The fervor mood already seems to have taken aback many, just as the first week of the two months long extravagant T20 carnival is approaching its end.

Getting a ticket to watch an IPL game is still a daunting task for many, so they opt to cheer for their favorite teams and players from their homes. Funny incidents line up at places when people with conflicting interests in Television shows get involved in a quarrel to watch their favorite programs. But a shocking incident unfolded in Maharashtra when an 18-year old youngster did something dramatic to watch an IPL game.

Committed suicide

Nilesh Gupta, a boy from Amboli committed suicide when he was not allowed to watch an IPL match. This was in response to the argument with his mother when she asked him to keep a check on the water tank outside but he refused to do so. Therefore, mother angrily switched off the TV.

As per the local police, Nilesh locked himself in a room and was found hanged when the room was opened. This came to notice when his mother was denied any response even when she called him several times. As a result, she raised the alarm and with the help of neighbors, the door of the room could be open and they found him hanging by a cloth. Later, the boy was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead.

It is very unfortunate to see such an unusual incident taking place. Cricket is a game which is always meant for the entertainment of its fans and at no place wants to become the reason for such an unfortunate event coming up to the fore. It is shocking for the society and a heartbreak for the parents to witness a youngster who has much to offer to the world, leaving in the most unlikely fashions.

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