'One hundred percent, transparency is all we need' - Aakash Chopra on Rohit Sharma's injury saga

‘One hundred percent, transparency is all we need’ – Aakash Chopra on Rohit Sharma’s injury saga

Aakash Chopra says that transparency is one necessary thing that should be maintained in the system.

Aakash Chopra
                                           Aakash Chopra. (Photo Source: Instagram)

It wasn’t long ago when the Rohit Sharma saga made headlines in the cricket world. It was stated that the batsman was supposed to fly to Australia with his teammates, but he headed NCA, Bangalore. Even BCCI didn’t have any idea of it, and the matter caught fire when Indian skipper Virat Kohli added that he didn’t have any information over his case. In the latest turn of events, former Indian opener Aakash Chopra has opened over the matter.

Chopra expresses his surprise that how Indian skipper Kohli didn’t have an idea about Rohit’s case. He made the observations while answering questions of his fans on his YouTube channel. He further added transparency is one necessary thing that we must have in the system. Chopra said that Sharma’s injury saga could have been dealt better by BCCI, and transparency must be maintained.

“One hundred percent. Transparency is all we need. They keep the information with themselves and do not tell anyone, and you can’t hold them accountable. We can only like or dislike that, but we do not have any say. So, if there is no news from there, then, no problem,” said Chopra on his YouTube channel.

The biggest surprise was that even Kohli said that he didn’t know: Aakash Chopra

Chopra stated that Mumbai Indians cannot be blamed if they didn’t want to reveal details of Rohit’s injury as franchise cricket is a totally different thing and Indian fans are not direct stakeholders of that. However, he believes that BCCI should have played a better role in the case, and India’s physio Nitin Patel was in UAE at that time, he could have thrown clear light on the case. Also, if Indian skipper Kohli says that he doesn’t know about his players then they are nobody to know it.

“The biggest surprise was that even Kohli said that he didn’t know what is happening. If the captain doesn’t know, then you can forget about us. Because in general, we used to say that we are not aware but the insiders, the people who matter, know about it,” concluded Chopra.

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