Out of touch Yuvraj backed by former and current Skipper

Out of touch Yuvraj backed by former and current Skipper

"Dhoni agrees that there is pressure on Yuvraj"
“Dhoni agrees that there is pressure on Yuvraj”

Yuvraj Singh might be out of form and is not looking in great touch not only with the bat but his body language too speaks of it. But, he has the support and backing of the two most important people in his career his mentor and the one who molded him into the match winner he is today and his current captain MS Dhoni. Both seem to think of it as a passing phase and expect the champion in Yuvi to bounce back soon.

While Ganguly someone, who had been a mentor to Yuvraj Singh during the early part of his career, said people should not read too much into his form at the moment and give him some time and space to cover it up.

“It’s only two matches that Yuvraj has not got runs. We should not make a big fuss about it. He is a human being and can go through a tough phase. He has the talent to overcome this. Show me one sportsman who has played at the top level for 14, 15 or 16 years and never had a slump in form? This is bound to happen as that’s how the nature of sport is,” said Ganguly.

“Self belief is always the key and also Yuvraj will need to work even harder now. His time will certainly come and he will have to ready to grab his chance then,” said Ganguly who himself has made several unbelieveable comebacks during his international career

‘Dhoni agrees that there is pressure on Yuvraj’

The current form of India’s biggest match-winner in T20 cricket, Yuvraj, is a matter of concern. Dhoni agreed that Yuvraj wasn’t in great touch but mentioned the ‘X’ factor Yuvraj adds to the team.

“He is one of the best players of T20, but he is not in good touch right now. It becomes tough when you are dropped from ODIs and you have to make a comeback in T20s. There’s a bit of pressure on him.”

It is good to see that the two most important guys have faith in the south paw and the fans could relax sit back and wait for the Sixer King to come and come good. If he does so on any given day it will be the opposition who will feel the heat.