Pathan Brothers launch Cricket Academy of Pathans in Port Blair, Andaman

CAP will be launched in 6 more cities in India in the next couple of months.

Irfan Pathan
Irfan Pathan at the launch of CAP, Port Blair.

Indian crickets’ most adored brothers – Yusuf and Irfan Pathan today launched CAP, their third Academy in Port Blair. Instituted with an aim to redefine and set standards to the backbone of Cricket i.e. Coaching, the Pathan Brothers shaped their dreams into Cricket Academy of Pathans (CAP). CAP will be launched in 6 more cities in India in the next couple of months. CAP intends to have around 20 academies across the country by the end of 2017.

CAP curriculum entails of two modules i.e. ‘Coaching the Coaches’ and ‘Coaching the Kids’. CAP strongly believes that the need of the hour is to strengthen the “backbone” of effective delivery of cricket training and development – that is the ‘coach’. Hence, CAP will train aspiring coaches to ensure efficient coaches are produced who in turn will be coaching the kids.


Speaking on the launch Irfan Pathan, Director, CAP said, “I am truly excited today, Cricket has given us a lot and its time now that we return it back in whatever little way that we can. India today, has no dearth of talent, it’s just that they need to be mentored, trained and guided in the right direction. We at CAP will ensure new standards for coaching and development of cricket in India.”

Apart from coaching, CAP also focuses and consults on nutrition, physical development of the kids who enrol with the academy. The coaches will also be trained to gauge the strength and weakness of a kid on the field and will be guided accordingly. Commenting on this aspect IrfanPathan said, “It is very important to gauge weaknesses and strengths of a kid and accordingly guide him on whether to concentrate more on batting or bowling. Many times, a talent is lost out due to improper guidance or the coaches’ inability to gauge these important aspects and guide them accordingly. We at CAP will ensure each child gets the required attention.”

“The CAP program has set focuses each week with varied outcomes depending on the ability level of the participants. CAP programs are a holistic approach to developing cricketers. The required mental approach, game knowledge and experience, is just as important as the physical skills. The CAP program creates intrinsically motivated players who thrive on competition and who understand here are consequences to actions.