PCB to file a case against BCCI at the ICC next year

PCB to file a case against BCCI at the ICC next year

The BCCI has not honored the MoU signed between the two countries.

Najam Sethi PSL PCB
Najam Sethi. (Photo by Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images)

The India Pakistan rivalry isn’t continuing anytime soon but seems the respective cricket boards have taken matters into their own hands and are now at loggerheads. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will file a case against the BCCI for not honoring the MoUs signed mutually by the two countries for resuming bilateral ties, according to the PCB chairman Najam Sethi.

India last turned out against Pakistan in the Champions Trophy finals in England, earlier this year. Pakistan won the game and also the tournament by beating India fair and square. The fans have been anticipating a series between the two sides but it seems, nothing has been working for now.

“Next week, the last meeting with the lawyers in England is scheduled to finalise the case against the BCCI after which the PCB will lodge its case before the ICC in the first week of January,” Sethi said after chairing the 47th meeting of the Board of Governors, on Wednesday.

Sethi acknowledged the tension

The PCB had initially summed up a budget of $1,000,000 to contest the case in the ICC and in other courts if the Board doesn’t receive a decision in their favor from the governing body.

“However, as now the ICC has made an amendment in the constitution about the dispute resolving committee, according to which the governing body’s decision will be final and both the parties would be bound to accept it, the total [PCB’s] legal expenses would not be more than $500,000,” he elaborated.

According to certain reports, the BCCI wants to seek such an FTP under which there will be no India-Pakistan Test series, unless and until both the teams qualify to play the final [against each other] under compulsion.”. The PCB chairman admitted the rift between the two nations, and added that PCB were forced to file the case against BCCI.