Peshawar Zalmi's Darren Sammy posts a tweet in Pashto language, fans erupt

Peshawar Zalmi’s Darren Sammy posts a tweet in Pashto language, fans erupt

Sammy posted a message for his in the Pashto language.

Darren Sammy
Darren Sammy. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Windies cricketer Darren Sammy is loved all around the world by his fans and has a special connection with Pakistan. He loves going to the country and was among the first few cricketers to agree to travel last year when the final of PSL was decided to be played in Lahore. Pakistan Super League (PSL) has brought him more close to his fans and always tries to stay in touch with them through social media. However, he posted a message on Wednesday in the Pashto language which all his fans loved and the replies poured in for the cricketer.

Pashto is the South-Central Asian language of the Pashtuns and is the second largest regional language in Pakistan. Sammy is the most loved overseas cricketer in the country since the inaugural edition of PSL. He plays for Peshawar Zalmi franchise in the tournament and is the vital cog of the line-up since then. His passion for the game and the way he entertains the crowd has made him the most followed cricketer in the country and also speaks in their local language Pashto frequently to have a conversation with his fans.

Sammy asks his fans about PSL 3

Darren Sammy, who has led Windies to World T20 title twice also led Zalmis to the title triumph in the last season. His message in Pashto read, “Greetings Zalmis, i hope you all will be at best of your health. How are your thoughts about psl 3?” He asked them their thoughts about the PSL3 which is all set to get underway in February-March in 2018.

His followers in Pakistan, however, were excited to see his message on Twitter and replied him in excitement. While some of them invited him to visit Peshawar, few demanded a Pakistani nationality for the Caribbean cricketer. He was given the nickname by Zalmi fans as Shinwari & Khan (Pashtoon tribes) when he won them a group game in Sharjah by defending only 13 runs against Karachi Kings in the first edition.

All this love suggests only one thing and that his Pakistan fans are once again waiting for their hero to visit their country during PSL next year.

Here’s the tweet of Darren Sammy:

Translation: “Greetings Zalmis, i hope you all will be at best of your health. How are your thoughts about psl 3?”

Here’s how Twitterati erupted:

Translation: Long Live Buddy! This time around, will take you to Charsi Karachi (the most famous restaurant in Peshawar) for dinner

Translation: We are West Indian Pashtoons & our traditions are our pride. Yes we are West Indians Pashtoons & Zalmi is our life

Translation: Greetings Sammy! We are desperately waiting for you & we will defend the title in next edition as well.

Translation: Yes, we are so happy to see your tweet & doing well, how about you? Thank you so much

Translation: Fan is expecting Sammy to visit Peshawar

Translation: We are doing well, How about you? We will win PSL3 Peshawar Zalmi Zindabad

Translation: Fan wants Pakistan nationality for Daren Sammy

Translation: We are fantastic but waiting for you. This time you will must visit Peshawar otherwise we Pashtoons (PZ Fans) will be disappointed Sammy Lala

Translation: Welcome Sammy Khan Shinwari, thank you so very much. You are coming to Pakistan for PSL matches?