Piers Morgan receives a cheeky Virender Sehwag reply

Piers Morgan receives a cheeky Virender Sehwag reply

Virender Sehwag
Virender Sehwag. (Photo Source: Twitter)

While Virender Sehwag seems to be absolutely killing it on Twitter with his cheeky and witty quotes, BBC presenter managed to steal the former India opener’s thunder for slightly over a week. With the Indian Olympic contingent returning from Rio with just a couple of medals, Piers Morgan was relentless with his opinions on the Indian performances in the recently concluded Olympic Games.

The Indian faithful had been doing a lot of ‘social media protection’ for the Indian athletes who have not been able to clinch a medal in the Games. Virender Sehwag chose to point the arrow at the bright side of things which showcased some impressive performances by the Indians in Rio. The former Indian batsman pointed out that the performances by the likes of Dipa Karmakar and Lalita Babar were enough to glorify their names.

However, a few short moments after the Games, Morgan, in a demeaning tweet lashed out at the Indians for not being able to clinch a medal in the games. He also went on to add that Sachin Tendulkar, perhaps the closest to a Sports God of India was one of his followers. The blood of the Indian Twitterati clearly boiled as they tore Morgan a new one and made him trend on the internet for almost three to four hours.

Here is how parody Sehwag account replied to Morgan’s tweet:

Piers Morgan deleted tweet

However, in spite of this, it was clear that the Morgan was far from finished with his Twitter bashing. Although the tweet was deleted shortly after going live, Piers Morgan decided to make a bet with the former India batsman. Sehwag won hearts once more when he reacted to the deleted tweet.

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