Piers Morgan takes a dig at Virender Sehwag after India Women lose WWC Final

The two gentlemen share a great history when it comes to social media banters.

Piers Morgan Sachin Tendulkar
Piers Morgan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

It was a heartbreaking end to the dream run of the Indian Women’s team in the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017. They were in total command on the day of the finale but succumbed to the pressure in the last hour of the game. The defeat certainly left all the players disappointed. Amidst the on field action, an old rivalry has resurfaced on the social media following India’s defeat.

Renowned journalist Piers Morgan has started with the verbal volleys at Virender Sehwag yet again. The two gentlemen share a great history when it comes to social media banters. They were the talk of the town last year when they had exchanged a series of tweets taking digs at one another – some of them were on the lighter note, while others were quite serious.


Following India’s defeat in the finals, Piers Morgan was quite to take to the social media platform Twitter to troll Viirender Sehwag yet again. He did not say anything directly but the way he poked Sehwag clears up all his intentions. It is pretty evident that Morgan was waiting for an opportunity such as this to take a dig at Sehwag. He asked Sehwag if he is fine or not. He tweeted, “You OK, buddy @virendersehwag? #WWC2017final.”

The history

The history between the two gentlemen date back to the time when Olympics 2016 was underway. Piers Morgan had exclaimed that it was surprising to see a nation like India with a population of over a billion celebrate for just a couple of medals. The tweet did not go down well with Virender Sehwag.

In a fitting reply, Sehwag had responded back saying that the Indians love to celebrate each and every small victory, irrespective of what magnitude it holds. Since then, Sehwag had taken multiple digs at Morgan in various tweets.