Plunket Shield 2018-19: Otago Volts batsmen get involved in a hilarious run-out

Plunket Shield 2018-19: Otago Volts batsmen get involved in a hilarious run-out

Earlier, Azhar Ali was in the news for his bizarre dismissal.

Run-out. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Azhar Ali hogged the limelight on Thursday for his comical run-out in the second Test against Australia. He failed to keep sight of the ball and stopped in the middle of the pitch to chat with his partner Asad Shafiq only to be dismissed run-out by the opposition. If this wasn’t enough, New Zealand domestic team Otago Volts’ batsmen have presented yet another hilarious way to get run-out in the game.

The first-class tournament Plunket Shield is currently underway in the Kiwi country as the Otago Volts and Wellington have locked horns against each other. While Wellington posted a mammoth 509 runs in the first innings, the Volts were in complete tatters in response at 114/6 when Nathan Smith and Michael Rippon got together only to be involved in a hilarious run-out.

Both batsmen slip out of their crease

Rippon flicked the length ball from Hamish Benett to the square leg fielder and an easy couple was on offer. But while turning for the second run, Rippon slipped out of his crease while his partner kept his eyes on the ball and was unaware of what happened at the other end.

Smith kept running towards the non-striker’s end only and after coming halfway down the pitch, he saw his partner on the floor. The incident took him by surprise and while he tried turning back, even Smith slipped and could only witness the wicketkeeper Lauchie Johns whip the bails off. Smith was lying haplessly on the ground and had no option but to witness his own dismissal much like Ali did the other day in Abu Dhabi.

The run-out was an unfortunate one but the dismissal will be surely drawn parallels with that of Azhar Ali one. The video of the same is going viral now and the fans are left in splits over the same.

Here’s the video:

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