Prithvi Shaw should not bother about comparisons: Mohammad Azharuddin

Prithvi Shaw should not bother about comparisons: Mohammad Azharuddin

"He should play his natural game."

Mohammad Azharuddin
Mohammad Azharuddin. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Prithvi Shaw, with a century on his Test debut, grabbed a lot of attention. At the age of just 18, this kid has shown a lot of maturity and didn’t show any nerves in his maiden international game. This has resulted in raising up tremendous expectations from the youngster.

However, former skipper Mohammad Azharuddin who also has a distinction of scoring a century on his Test debut felt that the judgment has to be reserved on the 18-year-old. A veteran of 99 Tests, Azharuddin said that jumping to conclusions and drawing comparisons after just one performance is not right.

“It’s just been one performance. He has done a great job by scoring his first Test hundred at the age of 18; it is not an easy task. But I think jumping to conclusion and comparing is also not right,” the former skipper told.

Azharuddin advises Shaw to play his natural game

“All the cricketers come from different eras. So it is very difficult to draw a comparison between them. Everyone is good in their respective eras,” the former Hyderabadi player told Sportstar. These statements were made as many people already started comparing Shaw with Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, and a few other players.

The 55-year-old also had some valuable pieces of advice for Prithvi Shaw. He said that Shaw should back his technique and skill and shouldn’t curb his natural instincts. Azharuddin mentioned that the youngster should not be bogged down by expectations and wants him to play his natural game.

“He should play his natural game. When you play your natural game, you end up scoring more times than not scoring. Prithvi should back his technique and that is very important. He might have failures down the line, but these are the things that happen to every cricketer. He should go out there and enjoy his game rather than bothering about all these things (comparisons),” Azhar added.

In the end, the controversial skipper concluded by saying that Prithvi Shaw should be given all the credit for the century. “I must give him all the credit for scoring a hundred and we should only talk about his quality and look at the positives now,” Azharuddin concluded about the child prodigy.

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