Quinton De Kock wants to keep making mistakes, because that makes him grow

"The keeping helps me in my batting. I'm in a good position, I can see the wicket, I feel I can adapt quicker to how things will pan out," he said.

Quinton de Kock
Quinton de Kock. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Quinton de Kock was the man of the night at South Africa’s annual cricket awards, in which he won five different trophies, including cricketer of the year. He accomplished several feats in the 2016-17 season, which included five consecutive half centuries in ODIs at the top order, and time and again bailing the proteas out of difficult situations in Tests batting down the order.

Minutes after receiving the cricketer of the year award, Quinton confessed that he would want to make more mistakes in the future, for a person learns the best lessons of life by making mistakes.


“I feel that I am learning but I don’t know as much as a lot of the other players. I’m the type of guy, you can tell me what to do but I need to do it for myself – for me to actually experience it and learn from those mistakes myself. Once that happens I know I’ll grow. I’m a fairly fast learner – well, I think I am – but we’ll see next season,” Quinton de Kock quoted.

He also spoke about the future of CSA, saying that he will try to focus on his ability to bat higher up the order, because in a few years, the older and experienced members of the squad will put curtains on their career and they will have to be replaced.

“I am really focused on getting my batting ability much higher, better knowing that in the next couple of years the older guys will start falling out and we will have to start replacing them. And I’m going to have to start playing more of a senior role in the team. It’s that sort of mindset that’s shifting at the moment for me,” he quoted.

Working behind the stumps

De kock has been good behind the stumps too, from where he has taken 61 catches last season across all 3 formats.

“The keeping helps me in my batting. I’m in a good position, I can see the wicket, I feel I can adapt quicker to how things will pan out,” he said.

Expectations will run high from Kock when South Africa travel to England for Champions Trophy later this month.