Video: Raging Wasim Akram sets Slaters foot on fire

Raging Wasim Akram sets Slaters foot on fire

Raging Wasim Akram sets Slaters foot on fire: 

Traditionally, the Bellerive Oval has provided bowlers with early lateral movement, but it has a tendency to become paradise for the batsmen as the match progresses, and the ground is influenced by afternoon sea-breezes. In the mid-November of 1995, Michael Slater took guard against Wasim Akram – Sultan of Swing as he is called. He along with Waqar are one of the best pace bowling duo of all time. Be it any form of cricket, they have never been threatened by any batsmen challenging one and all banking on pure skill.
One is known for his reverse swinging yorkers and the others for his mastery with in-swing, out-swing and reverse swing bowling. Wasim Akram, playing away from home leading the Pakistan side was determined to breach the defense of Michael Slater. This spell from Wasim Akram is remembered to be one of the most hostile spells to be bowled by him in international cricket.

As he came running to bowl the first ball, there was a tint of nervousness in Slater’s eyes. Akram decided to test Slater with an inswinger. Slater, not looking in a good touch was lucky enough to escape that peach of a deliver from Wasim. They appealed for a decision in favour of Wasim, but the umpire was unmoved. Akram, after bowling the first ball formulated a master plan to get the better of Slater. He set Slater up with outswingers, which Slater rather awkwardly defended. The Pakistan team was smelling a wicket due to this not so sure approach by Slater. Slater was also tested by Wasim with a few straight deliveries. Slater and his vulnerability was clearly evident on the field. This is the beauty of test cricket. If you have to take wickets in this form of the game, you have to come out with a strategy for the same and execute it without fail. It was the penultimate ball of the over, the fans were getting nervous and obviously Slater with what was going on the Pakistan captain’s head, for it was difficult to read from his body language he was composed and cool as ever. Wasim Akram came running as fast as he can to bowl the penultimate bowl, he bowled an in swinging yorker to Slater. This time the umpire had no doubts whatsoever. The finger raised and the Australian opener was out without scoring. The yorker which he bowled was simply un-playable even the demi-god Sachin Tendulkar would have found it tough. It was delivered with such immaculate accuracy and bang on the foot plump in front of the stumps.