Ranking top 10 smartest captains in cricket history

Captaincy is considered the biggest challenge in the game of cricket.

Mahela Jayawardena
Mahela Jayawardena. (Photo Source: Twitter)

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Captaincy plays a very important part in cricket. It’s a team game unlike most of the other sports which are mostly based around one person. It takes a group activity to get the job done and end up on the winning side. 

For a side to show a good level of coordination, a captain needs to come to the forefront. A good leader is one who can make the best out of his team. It’s not about the individual performances but all of them performing collectively. A great captain would always look for a performance as a unit. 

The smartest of captains have generally gone on to have a long run as leaders. The game can change within a couple of overs and it’s about seizing the moment for a smart leader. Hence, let’s take a look at-

Smartest captains of all-time in cricket history

10. Eoin Morgan 

Eoin Morgan
Eoin Morgan of England. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images for ECB)

Let’s talk about a leader from modern cricket who has done an excellent job. Eoin Morgan is one of those captains who never made any noises around. His calm and collective head never led him to do silly stuff even if it was a match as close as the finals of World Cup 2019. 

England suffered a huge defeat in the World Cup 2015 and were knocked out before the quarterfinals itself. Fast forward to 2019, they were the favourites to win the tournament. They proved the prediction right with a great win despite losing the track midway in the tournament. 

Morgan would stick to his decisions no matter what happened during the course of the game. Aggressive batting was one of the mottos of England under him and chasing targets above 300 became a routine thing too. He backed his bowlers nicely as well which created the much-needed transition for the English side.

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