Rashid Khan names the player who stole his prized bat gifted to him by Virat Kohli

Rashid is no longer in possession of the bat gifted by Indian skipper and he narrated what happened with that bat.

Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

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Not many might know, but hockey wizard Dhyanchand’s mastery with the hockey stick was so legendary, that once while touring the Netherlands, the authorities broke open his stick and checked for magnets. The same thing might happen one day with Virat Kohli’s bat, as might be broken to see what is special with it that he scores runs so easily.

Therefore, when Rashid Khan was gifted a bat by the Indian captain after the Afghan spinner requested him to give one of his bats. Getting one of the willows of the best batsman in the world must be great for Rashid, as he has shown an appetite for batting and his exploits in the IPL with the bat are noticed by everyone. His cameos have helped Sunrisers Hyderabad out many times.

Rashid Khan’s bat collection habit

Rashid Khan recently appeared in an interview with cricket.com.au and revealed that he likes to collect bats from the best batsmen in the world and had asked for bats from Virat Kohli, David Warner, and KL Rahul. The bat that he got from Virat Kohli was a prized possession for the leggie and he said that he never let anyone else touch it.

“When you are (learning) the skills of batting, you need to have a good bat. I got a few from the players. I got one from Virat (Kohli), I got from Davey (David Warner), I got one from KL Rahul and those are special bats. That will help me to make some runs in the World Cup,” Rashid was quoted as saying.

However, sadly, Rashid is no longer in possession of the bat gifted by Indian skipper and he narrated what happened with that bat. He said that he was in Ireland and used the bat in a match and hit some boundaries. “I was like ‘what happened? That went for six? I was like ‘there is something in the bat’. I loved the bat. It was like every ball I hit went for six. There was something special in that bat,” said Rashid.

However, the bat caught the notice of former Afghan skipper Asghar Afghan and Rashid Khan reveals, “As soon as I came to the pavilion, our previous captain Asghar Afghan, he came up to me and said, ‘give me that bat’ and I was like ‘oh no’. He had already taken it out from my bag and put it in his own bag. That was a special bat, from a special player as well. He took that bat and I hope he doesn’t do well with that and gives it back.”

Here is the video Rashid Khan narrating the incident: