Rashid Khan: The self-proclaimed 'Finger Spinner'

Rashid Khan: The self-proclaimed ‘Finger Spinner’

The 19-year old leggie gets up close and personal.

Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan celebrates a wicket. (Photo Source: ICC)

As India vs Afghanistan Test match looms along with all the history associated with it, Rashid Khan has become the centre-point of all the attention surrounding the encounter. Having been rated as perhaps the best leg-spinner in the world, Rashid is seemingly confident ahead of the historic Test. Speaking ahead of the match, Rashid went ahead and stated that he was a ‘finger spinner’ as opposed to the popular ‘wrist-spinner’ term making it big in cricket today.

“I call myself a finger spinner,” Rashid said. “Sounds unusual but that’s how I bowl,” he says. He further explains: “I don’t use my wrist a lot in my bowling. I use my fingers as I deliver using the tip of my fingers. That helps me bowl quicker. I am a leg-spinner who bowls good wrong-uns.”

He also went on to add that nobody taught him to bowl and he watched Kumble and Afridi ply their trade over the years. “Nobody taught me to bowl leg spin and the wrong-uns,” he reiterated. “I haven’t watched and followed anyone in particular. I just observed Shahid Afridi and Anil Kumble. I don’t remember the exact period but maybe it was five-six years ago. I still watch Kumble when I am free.”

“Last year when I went home after IPL, it was amazing. I really loved that moment when I entered my home and they started celebrating. Looking forward to some rest and hopefully, I can go home.”

A family man in every right

Rashid also went ahead and shed some light on his personal life. “I am not engaged yet. I am still single so far,” he gushes. “My family is very supportive. I talk to them daily through social media. At least they are watching me and enjoying my game. This is just my initial stage. I need to focus on my cricket right now,” he added. “When I am very stressed, I call my two-year-old niece. I just love talking to her.”

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