Rating T20 leagues according to their competitiveness

Rating T20 leagues according to their competitiveness

While each league has heroes and legends, the driving force behind participating in a T20 league is the money that is attached to it.

Sydney Sixers
Sydney Sixers. (Photo Source: Twitter)

T20 has redefined modern cricket and made it a sport that attracts the young generation who like to see fast action and can’t wait 5 days to see the results of a test match. The fast-paced nature of the game, the pulsating music, the dance of the cheerleaders, the vuvuzelas in the crowd and last ball thrillers, garnished with massive sixes and knuckleball deliveries make for an entertainer that the audiences strive for.

A successful T20 league is now the pride of every cricket board today and massive investments are made by them to reach out to larger audiences every passing year. Each league has heroes and legends and the driving force behind participating in a T20 league is the money that is attached to it. The world has witnessed players quitting international cricket just to focus and perform well for their franchises. It’s surprising how players have started to prefer leagues over their nations, similar to some of the leading footballers.

The cricketing calendar is jam-packed with these T20 leagues which commence every other month. While leagues such as the Big Bash, Pakistan Super League, and Bangladesh Premier League takes over the televisions until March setting the stage for IPL.  The T20 Blast followed by the CPL captures the attention for the latter part of the year.

With the Big Bash League recently concluded and the IPL commencing in less than a month, let’s look at where the other leagues stand in terms of their competitiveness across the globe.

Here’s rating the top leagues across the world:

1. Indian Premier League – 9.5/10

Mumbai Indians (Photo: Surjeet Yadav/IANS)

This is the league that has become the benchmark for all other leagues to look up to and emulate. The brainchild of BCCI who wanted to capitalize on the nation’s T20 win, IPL fast tuned out to be an event that captured the attention of the entire nation. With a heady mix of high-quality cricket, cheerleaders and celebrity glamour, the Indian Premier League changed the way the audience watched cricket on TV and at the ground.

The cash-rich tournament aims at promoting cricket in India, and rightly so has been the hub to many new talents who have gone on to don their nations jersey. Not only does the league provide a platform for the experienced to unleash themselves and experiment their skills but also grants a platform for the emerging stars to play at a much higher level, competing against the best of the bests in the world and learning from them.

The competition of this stellar tournament is so high that the auctions has many eminent players remaining unsold. Every edition of the Indian Premier League throws up newer and skilful heroes who do wonders and justice for their teams and price tags. The impact of the league is such that an outstanding performance over a season immediately beings the player to the focus of their respective boards and selection committees.